Monday, April 16, 2007

Mr. Godiva Chronicles…

These are the tales of Mr. Godiva & I...

And then came Godiva

A Great Interview

I’m Digging Him

Age Aint Nothing But A Number

I Had to Ride the White Horse

Pardon Me

Who’s To Say

Greeting from Mr. Godiva

Good Nite and Good Luck

Circles of IT

You’ve Got Mail

The 27 Years Old

Weekend Luv

Weekend Luv-Scene 1

Weekend Luv Wrap Up

Let’s Talk About Sex

Good Times

It's A Wrap

I Thought it was a Wrap?

Pussy Pass

Pussy Pass Part 2-

When Doves Cry


The Mistress said...

Well SOMEBODY is getting laid around here.

And it ain't me.

Did I miss your explanation of why you call him Mr. Godiva or have you not revealed the reason for that particular nickname?

Blu Jewel said...

I've often wondered why you call him Godiva also???

You know i've read all the Godiva tales and i think it's great that there are people in the world able to openly express themselves in the manner in which you guys do.

A woman on the move said...

Mistress & Blue:

Mr. Godiva is probably one of the most random yet meaningful nicknames I’ve ever come up with.

As we all know he’s a white man, but he has a strong preference for chocolate or should I say black women (hence the term Godiva). While there are plenty of chocolate makers in the world, Godiva just seemed the best name that suited him.

He’s smooth, creamy, rich (sweet), and definitely is a man of class and great taste.

T.C. said...

well alright then...that explains it all and is enough for me...

Blu Jewel said...

thanks for the explanation and he sounds as divine in personality as he does in name *smile*

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