Monday, January 29, 2007

The Circles of "IT"

I would like to credit an upcoming author Mr. McGuire for giving me the idea of using the Venn diagram to illustrate our shared philosophy

IT is that overwhelming feeling you have when you’ve met your match. It can only be accomplished (in my opinion) when you have successfully incorporated the following ingredients: (not in any particular order)


Friendship (Intellectual): You’ve reached this stage when you can openingly and honestly relate with one another without necessarily having an agenda. Your friends accept you for you. Traditionally this stage is reserved for the platonic situation (but things do happen). This is the person you call to brighten up your day and lift your spirit. With your friend you should always be able to let your guard down.

Love (Emotional): Is that feeling that no words can ever truly describe. You know its love when you unconditionally accept a person regardless of their annoying flaws. Love makes you want to make that other person happy by always giving your very best. Love pushes all fears, doubts, pride, and inhibitions aside.

Sex (Physical): Should be used to reinforce the undeniable feelings you have for that special person. That good and profound sex can only be achieved when you have a partner your completely in sync with. The objectives in every sexual encounter should be: How can I please my partner? How can I give them my all?

The Circles of IT

You’re Jump Offs when you’re a mix between friends and physical zones.

You’re Platonic when you’re a mixed between the friends and love zones.

You’re Lovers when you’re a mix between the love and physical zones.

You’ve got IT when you’ve successfully intertwined Love, Friends, and Physical.


The Mistress said...

I haven't really had ALL three at once...I've manage to juggle two at times with different guys but not all 3...yet.

Unless I love Mr. K but just can't come to grips with it...



j.a.c. said...

I like this...

Blu Jewel said...

i'm truly digging this one. I've had IT (all three) and it was oneof the single most memorable occasions of my life.

T.C. said...

i really like this really makes a lot of sense to me and starting to develope something with someone, this puts into a perspective...

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