Saturday, November 11, 2006

A great look+ a lot of pain=?

When it comes to buying and wearing shoes and clothes most people are skeptical to the idea of one size fitting all. When one is buying a pair of shoes you tend to buy a size that provides the most comfort and support, and with clothes the same rules generally apply.

So why is it in relationships we tend to force ourselves to fit in a situation that doesn’t provide the most accurate comfort and support? We don’t wear shoes that are too tight or hurt our feet, so why remain in a relationship that causes discomfort or pain?

We tend to discard any article of clothing we no longer want or can wear, yet we stay in destructive relationships despite the obvious signs of a situation that is “worn out”.

Funny how we tend to be more cautious with everything else except when it comes to matters of the heart and sanity...


The Mistress said...
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The Mistress said...

I think the bottom line is that there are a great deal of people who are just so afraid of being alone, they'll settle for anything. It's quite sad. I see this with women more than men and it always strikes me as desperate and I see these people as lacking any real self-esteem.

Good post!

Welcome back! I missed you! :-)

T.C. said...

Totally feeling the analogy...I agree with Mistress...people seem that they are afraid to be alone...and will day people will understand that peace of mind is better than anything

BrillD said...

What up Sis? I stuck around in
a bad situation myself for over
five years. But never again. I
actually spoke to her earlier
this week. I haven't laid eyes
on her in over six years. And
that's fine with me.

TDJ said...

Great post. The Mistress also makes a good point. I've heard one of my girlfriends say, "Someting is better than nothing." Sad, but it what some women think.

beautyinbaltimore said...

That is so true.
@mistress- I agree. I don't understand what is so bad about being alone.

DP said...

Being alone is a gift and a curse.

It's kinda like being tall.

It's cool when you need to reach the top shelf...but a pain in the ass when you gotta buy jeans.

All a matter of what's important at a given point and time.

Good to see you back.

shereejoi said...

Welcome back!
Your post was so true.....I been in the situation where I settle but now that Iam more mature and understand myself more I don't settle, why should I, if I'm not happy and shit isn't getting better just worse, then Im going to move the fuck on it's that simple, I can do bad by myself!

Damon Z said...

Great analogy. I think the problem is most shoes have to be broke in in order to see if they provide a good fit. Sometime they do and sometimes they don't, but it always takes a while to find out :)

BluJewel said...

great analogy, but as you know many women will endure ill-fitting shoes for the sake of looking "cute" or having the "I got it look", which i can equate to relationships. many stick them out to look the part or feel they have something. it's said that trials are triumpths in disguise, but i know God didn't intend for us to just be stupid.

great post and welcome back!

A woman on the move said...

@ Mistress- I agree, it is an issue that affects more women than man. I find this particularly true in regards to older women. It’s like we know better, yet out of desperation we feel a need to settle…

Thanks for the Love!

@t.c.- Too true! When did it become scary to be alone?

@BrillD- In life, I feel there are NO mistakes, only lessons to be learned.

@TDJ- I’ve heard that a few times as well. But it’s funny how we’ll spend some much time and effort on decisions in regards to appearance(fashion), yet when it comes to a man; any one will do…

@DP- Very true! Thanks, it’s good to be back!

@Sheree- We’ve all been there at some point in our lives. Nothing to be ashamed of, it’s an issue when history continues to repeat itself…

@Damon Z- I agree with the “broken in” theory. But if the shoes don’t fit from the beginning, the only thing you’ll get out of “breaking them in” is bunions and corns..LOL

@Blu- You’re so right!
It’s that “my feet hurts, so the shoes must look fabulous!’ mentality…

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