Sunday, November 04, 2007

Ms. Game: The Art of Perfecting ME

Ms. Game- Does She Live In You

I’m Not A Player-

My Dating Game

The House Guest

Ms. Game-Stay Ready

Ms. Game-Flirt vs. Skank

Ms. Game-Gift of Gab

The Bird & The Bird Watcher

For the Sake of Having A Man

So You Think You’re A Woman


Blu Jewel said...

I guess I can say, "I'm not a player".

I'm secure in who I am and dont need to play games and make pretend. I'm a real woman doing real things and if he can't see that and/or appreciate it; it's his loss.

T.C. said...

"the art of perfrecting me" i think i am at that point, or hav been tring to be at that point, not in terms of the "game" but just being secure in who i am and making sure that i am what i need to be at all times...make sense?

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