Sunday, June 10, 2007

My Dating Game...

This topic was inspired by my night out on the town Saturday. I decided to hit up the bar and “club” scene, with really no agenda/expectations other than to have fun and be social. It’s been at least three months since I’ve been out. The club scene is now an acquired taste for me these days. The idea of hanging out in a room full of people on the prowl while my clothes and hair reek of smoke; just isn’t fun to me any more. But last night, I figure what the hell.

So my girl and I are out having a freaking blast. Despite the fact that this spot was actually wack, we had a great time. Dancing is truly a great workout! So naturally, while out you began to meet different guys (the urban speed dating). The caliber of men in a club never ceases to amaze. The idea of meeting the love of your life in a club is about as realist as Prince Charming arriving at your doorstep on a horse to take you away.

But I do believe in “creating” an environment that can be your social playground. There are certain places I utilize to meet new people during the day. Granted neither methods are fool proof. I do believe you have a better chance of meeting quality people during the day at places you love to go. Two of my favorites are Barnes & Nobles and Starbucks. My objective is to simply meet well-rounded people (mainly men). But before any person prepares to set out on a social adventure to wherever, it’s important to understand and have the ability to identify the various types of men and women we’re exposed to daily.

I came up with my own names for the different types of people there are in this game we call DATING. The ultimate meeting and greeting. I’ll start with the ladies.

The Gerber Baby:
She’s the needy type.
Every man that enters her life has a huge chance of being the “one”.
She often finds herself easily attached to any man no matter the reality of the situation.
She’s always looking for approval and self-validation through others.
The addiction to the dick is similar to a baby and its mother’s nipple.

The Sampler:
This is a nice word for ho or whore.
She believes in letting anyone test-drive the vehicle before making a copy of the driver’s license.
She considers her sexuality to be a hot commodity.
She’s the girl that just wants to have “fun” while partaking in self-destructive activities.

The Lottery Player:
Also known as a gold digger.
She’s looking for that lifetime sponsorship or the chance to hit the jackpot.
She often has a cover to camouflage her ultimate purpose of choosing certain men.
Like the sampler she considers her looks/body as a sufficient prerequisite for catching a baller.
Her philology is quite simple “Pay like you weigh!”

The Knock off:
Her tendency to be overly dramatic or a drama queen encourages the need to be fake.
She’s the perfect façade.
She’s quick to make enemies before anyone exposes her insecurities.
Keeping up with the Jones is a lifestyle by any means necessary.

Ms. 360:
She’s the woman who’s reached her level of balance.
She’s confident enough to let her actions/behaviors do the talking for her.
People naturally gravitate towards her, for being nothing but her.
She maintains her level of faith through all of life’s trials and tribulations.

My take on the Men:

The Opportunist:
He’s the player the “alpha” dog.
He’s very sure of himself and usually sees a lot of women for the purpose of giving himself validation.
He considers his gift of gab to be a part of his charm.
He has a huge problem with commitment especially the ones that don’t ultimately benefit him.
There’s always some element of drama lurking around this guy, mainly due to his own bullshit.

The Blender:
He’s the guy most of us never notice.
He’s okay with just being there and not necessarily being seen.
He’s the ultimate introvert in order to reduce the chances of conflicts or drama.
This guy could be the prefect guy, but the world just doesn’t know it yet.

The Sandpaper:
He has a few perks, but a lot of cons like his roughness hence the term sandpaper.
His sex is usually amazing, which leaves a lot of women feening for more and accepting his behavior.
He’s as trustworthy as a thief in the night, yet women love his edge and his street swagger.
The fact that he’s such a HUGE liability leaves this type undesirable for a smart woman.
He’s the perfect type for a one-time fling.

Captain Save:
He’s always ready to help any damsel in distress.
He uses his wallet to over compensate for his shortcoming.
Giving provides him a sense of being needed and wanted.
He’s typically involved with younger women.

Top Shelf:
This is the guy who’s on the constant pursuit to greatness and expects the same in his partner.
He’s into living life in the best way and has zero tolerance for bullshit.
He’s focused and also believes his actions speak louder than his words.
Only a deserving woman will be placed in a situation to where you meet your top shelf.


Blu Jewel said...

that's a pretty interesting take on men and women in the dating pool and for the most part i agree with you.

i'd rather go to the more unusual places to interact with men for substantial conversation and interaction. as you said, bookstores, a coffee shop, or some other non-meat-market-i'm-on-the-prowl location

T.C. said...

i too for the most part agree with you...

that's why its important to just sit back and observe (which is what you did) and in time true colors will definitely show...

definitely got to go to the "unusal" places if you are looking to meet people, because the "usual suspects" will be all up IN the

j.a.c. said...

it's been a while since i've visited. i just read every current post on your blog and of course i have things to say, but they all just blend together. i guess that's what happens when you read them all back to back. just keep on writing lady. i love your expressions.

A woman on the move said...

Blu- Yes, it’s all about having good day game. You never know where you’ll meet interesting people. I promise it’s not at the club. LOL

T.C.- I love your line about “unusual” places and “usual suspects”. LOL

J.A.C- Hey you! It’s funny sometimes I’m on a roll, and other times I have nothing to say. But I appreciate the love always! (smile)

B.m.W said...

The Progression

I think I went from the Blender in Jr. High/High School to Cpt. Save 'Em All, and of course now am Mr. Top Shelf.

I think I attracted the ladies in this order: Samplers, Lottery Players, then the Gerbers (BTW these are some creative names...ha ha). In the end, of course, I'm lookin' for Ms. 360. Maybe I should make Borders and Starbucks my new hangouts.

A woman on the move said...

B.M.W.- Top Shelf, uh? LOL

Yes, I do believe you should hit up those spots.

Again, not an expert, but you can't keeping running into a brick wall- and the club/bar is my brick wall. LOL

But it does work for me. I feel a challenge coming on with my fellow bloggers.

Views of Diversified Mind said...

It's been quite a while since I have been on blogspot period. Confessions you always know how to break it down. I would have to say it took some observation and experience to group those types!!

I can truly say that I have evolved and have become Ms. 360 who has met her Mr. Top Shelf.

I can't really say for sure that any place is the "perfect" place to cross paths and get to know the opposite sex because their are "unique" individuals everywhere and you just never know what the turn out may be. I have met guys in the club and most turned out with recieving a hands down and the others are good friends. I have met men in the grocery store, starbucks, shipleys, Barns and Noble, at a track meet, at chuch, driving, going to get lunch on a lunch break, etc. and they all eventually just really wow'd me on their conversation, personality, focus, passion, dreams, appearance, thoughts, priorities, etc.

Life is amazing! Meeting various people in various places is not neccessarily a bad thing in my book; you must be open-minded and you never know. The place you thought deep down you would never meet Mr./Mrs. Right could be the place it happens.

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