Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Single Black Female- The Recap of a Mad Woman…

Please feel free to refresh your memory regarding this character based off a true person who does in fact exist. I ask that you take a glimpse because evidently single black female is still very much angry and bitter over our trip to L.A. While I’ve moved on from that horrific trip home that was nearly two months ago; everything appears to be fresh but yet jaded in her mind.

Single Black Female-The Trailer

Single Black Female-Watch Who You Bring Home

Single Black Female-Hindsight is…

Single Black Female-Day One in L.A.

Single Black Female-This Shit Is Deep

Single Black Female- Light At End of the Tunnel

Single Black Female-Question from Nic

Single Black Female- From Mr. Godiva

Single Black Female- Shit Ain't Over

Single Black Female- The Last Laugh


Blu Jewel said...

Oh joy! cut that itch off!

deepnthought said...

I am commenting for the first time. Home girl needs to be cut off. I am so like serious. I dont even know you and I want to slap the heifer. That was foul and disrespectful. She should just really get somewhere and hush her ole silly but up. (sorry, I am a southerner.)

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