Monday, April 02, 2007

Single Black Female: Hindsight is Truly 20/20

I should have paid attention to the small details that occurred right before my trip back home. I should have looked for and listened for some type of gut intuition to kick in, but I never gave it a second thought. As I began to reflect on one of the most dramatic experiences to date, I suppose I’ll start from the top as several events began to occur.

Thursday, March 29th I was set to leave for L.A. with my friend. I worked the beginning half of that day and decided to have my friend meet me at my job so she could park her car and ride with me to the airport. Earlier that morning she imed me asking for the address so she could map quest the directions. I gave her the information and carried on with the rest of the morning.

I swear that day was busy as hell. I had to run to two different locations I managed just to ensure things ran smoothly during my absence. (I had 3 new clients moving into new offices). I was originally set to leave work at 1:00pm but of course clients always need something. My flight wasn’t due to leave until 3:45pm and I work about 15 minutes from the airport.

So my friend imed me stating she was on her way, and I proceeded to tie up loose ends. However, while I was in my office I had three different clients asking me for three different things. In the mist of this my friend calls me on my cell, but I don’t answer because I had a client in my office and was on my office phone trying to resolve their issue. She calls again, I answer abruptly and she has a slight attitude because she’s lost and I’m not answering the phone. She wasn’t able to tell me her location, and I had to get off the phone with a client staring at me in my face. Mind you this is only a problem because SHE forgot the damn directions at her job.

I stepped out of my office right before I explained what was going on to my visitor; and headed to our receptionist. I knew she would be able to assist my friend while I handle my business. So I give her my friend’s cell number and asked her to kindly guide my friend here while I took care a few clients. After 15 minutes go by I assume all is well. She calls my cell again with frustration and says she just going to go park anywhere (drama queen strikes). I then ask the receptionist again to help her. She looked puzzled and explained that she thought my friend was right around the corner. I rolled my eyes and we laughed and she called her again. I headed back to my office.

She finally arrives, not necessarily making us late. But I was annoyed and had to let her know that she had no room to catch an attitude with me because she forgot the directions and I had clients to tend to. But at that point I was ready to roll out and see my family. So we left my job and headed off to DFW Airport.

But that was only the beginning to a weekend full of overreaction and drama from the single black female….

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