Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Single Black Female: Day One In L.A.

So we arrive at our destination the great city of Angels late Thursday night. On Friday morning we decided to pick up some breakfast at Roscoe’s and smoke some good green. I’ll admit once we smoked, it was a wrap on any immediate activities. I dropped my mother off at work that morning so I could use her car during the day. But once I elevated to a perfect high, I was in no condition to drive around in my mother’s prized jag.

So later that afternoon I informed single female that I would be going out early evening (around 6:00pm) to have drinks with a friend. I had no plans on inviting her because they don’t exactly like each other and besides I wanted my own time to bond with my buddy. So while on the way to pick up my mother, I again remind her that I will be gone for a couple of hours.

At my parent’s house all of our friends (I mean true friends) are comfortable at my house enough to just hang out even if we’re not there. I knew my brother and his friend would be there and I also had my best friend on her way. So I knew this girl was in good hands and would be thoroughly entertained.

We return home from picking up my mother, I proceed to change clothes and hit the streets. I return home at 9:30 pm (I left at 6) and she was in the room with my brother and my best friend just kicking it- NO BIG DEAL. But then she starts getting all salty. “You just left me here”. I looked at her and ignored her for a minute (I was properly buzzed at this time) and hugged my girl and change the subject.

Evidently while I was gone this female went on her PR campaign about me leaving her, giving the impression that she knew nothing about me stepping out for a minute and that I just left her at the house. (Drama Queen strikes). She also tries to put salt in my game by informing everyone of who I was with (as if I was trying to hide shit).She told my mother like she had no idea of where I went, and then told my best friend the same shit. So naturally my mom thought I was being a little shady. But I quickly let her know the full story.

As the night continued on we all sat and talked, cracked jokes, and had a good time. Well I guess she started to feel “isolated” so she decided to go to bed (okay no big deal). We proceed to do our thing at the house. I then step out to take a phone call (I was gone for like 15 to 20 minutes, outside). Evidently during this time single female came out of my bedroom to inform my brother and friend that she felt “isolated” (Drama Queen needs some attention). Don’t care how that played out, I was still on the phone.

I come back in the house and my friend and brother just start telling me about how weird and psycho single female was. It was at that time they felt she was way too codependent on me ( in a scary way). It was at this time we noticed that single female needed a personal invite to partake in any activity we did. When everyone else seemed to just go with the flow and understood it’s implied to join in with the group. We are now are off to sleep….


T.C. said...

OK...YES she is indeed needdy, but like to a flaw like needy...i understand what you are saying if you are at the house then you are just chillin at the house with the folks...my peoples is your peoples if we are for real cool like that...yea she is TRULY doing to much for me...and as laid back as you are, i KNOW you was heated...can't wait to hear the rest of this, because i can so FEEL you about to put her in her PLACE...

Brianna said...

this bitch is CRAZY

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