Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Single Black Female: This Shit Is Deep

So it’s Saturday morning and my friend and I are sleeping in my parent’s den. My mother was up rather early because she had a community meeting scheduled for the day. We woke up around 9:30am and noticed single female was up and evidently been up for some time. My mother had left the house at this point. My brother came down into the den to talk to my friend and I. We all get up and head to the kitchen. Today was the day we decided to invite over a few of our friends and have a barbecue.

So as we’re talking in the kitchen my friend hops on the computer and notices a window open for a yellow cab search. Single female was in the bathroom taking a shower during this time. My friends notices another window minimized for a priceline purchase. It appears single female decided she wanted to get a hotel and take cab (Drama Queen strikes). The only problem is YOU DON’T KNOW L.A. My friend shows me this bullshit and immediately I get annoyed by another attempt to cry for attention and go off the deep end. So I waited for single female to come out of the bathroom so we can all have “UN Meeting”.

We all sit around the table and had an open conversation. My biggest problem with single female at this point is; rather than be an adult and talk about what’s on your mind or bugging you. You’ll sit there and let stuff build up and then jump to drastic actions because you’ve reached a boiling point in your mind. So during the conversation she admitted she over reacted by booking the hotel. (Especially when it would have cost your ass plane fare to travel to the hotel and catch a ride to LAX.)So while you’re making these silly decisions and not thinking it would have cost you several hundreds of dollars to prove a point to whom?

The theme or point we tried to push to single female was to RELAX AND GO WITH THE FLOW. Stop feeling like you need a personal invite for every change of activity the group made. How insecure and socially retarded can a person be?

So my brother and I are doing the cooking and preparing for company. Another friend of mine we’ll call Ms. Hollywood came through. She took me to the store to get a few items for the barbecue and single female rode along. So we’re moving along now, and people are starting to come through. My brother and I are all over the place (in terms of the house). We’re just making sure everyone is feeling good and happy.

My brother and his friends usually smoke in the backyard. So there were several trips out back and whoever wanted to join was more than welcome to follow the crowd. I went back there a few times. One of my brother’s home girls came by and had two blunts on deck ready to go. I missed the first go round, but we later got together and smoke with her friend. So we’re in the backyard we finish our business and head into the house. At this point everyone happened to be in the kitchen. So we’re just standing around talking, laughing, having fun.

Here comes single female thirsty for some attention yet again. She then makes her random out of the fucking blue public service announcement. “I feel like everyone is going out back to smoke and no one is inviting me. I was going to share my stuff with everyone. But I’ll just take my shit back to Texas. I don’t give a fuck.” So the room stops, looks at her, processed what she said, and kept on pushing with prior conversations. At that point I was hot. I was already heavily intoxicated feeling great and enjoying our company; and now this needy psycho ass female is trying to fuck up the entire vibe with her foolishness.

We actually didn’t entertain her outburst and I calmed down and carried on with the rest of the night. We moved to the den played outburst and watched TV. But through out the day people made comments about how fucking weird single female was. So now I’m the one who brought the freaking crazy ass friend home to meet our friends. (LOL). I swear I didn’t see any of this coming. Had I known this or even thought this might happen her ass would have stayed in Dallas.

This is only Day Two….


Brianna said...

Ms. Hollywood over here :-)

Enigma said...

OK. It is time to kick old girl to the curb. Watch her bounce and then you move on too. She sounds wacky (co-dependent!) as hell.

Anonymous said...

Time to drop psycho girl from your itinerary. A former (note) friend of mine use to pull the same nonsense- and the game became greater once I became serious with a guy. The nutiness also extended to my friends, as she loved to say that one was crazier than the next- which was so not true. I was able to ease out gently...more infrequent outings, I became "busy" at work, had "errands" on the weekend. I also had my secretary screen calls and throw them to voicemail. At one point, I just leveled with her, "this is just way too much work." Sure she was angry, but hey, life is short, who needs the drama.

T.C. said...

OMGoodness that is off the hook...

Southern_Lady said...

Hey again! Your friend needs entirely too much attention. I HATE that! She should have thought about the long travel she had to make from TX to L.A. and sucked it up and enjoyed the visit. Co-dependency is so draining and aggravating. Some people are meant to be loved from a distance and there's nothing wrong with that. Whatever keeps the relationship healthy.

Lola Gets said...

Man, I like to be open and talk about stuff and MY friends told me that they dont like that cause Im always trying to make things "about me." WTF?? It can go both ways.

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