Tuesday, September 19, 2006

27 Things to Celebrate...

I am happily embracing my 27th birthday today, and rather than harp on another year I turn older. I’ve decided to celebrate my 27 years of life, by acknowledging a few experiences and milestones…

1. On September 19, 1979; I was welcomed into this world by two of the best parents and girl could hope for.

2. I’ve always had the ability to never take NO for an answer; perseverance has always been natural for me. ( as per my mommy)

3. I landed my first internship w/ BMG in L.A., without any hook ups. I simply faxed in my resume. I even sat out a semester of college getting caught up in the industry hype; the best decision I made was when I decided to go back to school in Baton Rouge (it may have been due to the massive layoffs I was witnessing).

4. In spring of 2005, I decided to nurture my interests in the real estate industry and received my Texas real estate license.

5. Even as a child; I’ve always been to handle competition in a positive and productive manner. In fact, my best work is always done under pressure.

6. I had the opportunity to visit Atlanta for the first with my Girl Scout troop to see Spelman, Morehouse, and Clark Atlanta.

7. I graduated from Southern University in Fall 2003 with a degree in Business Marketing. (It was long road, but I made it)

8. In 2000, I decided to think out of the box and leave my comfort zone in L.A. to attend school in Baton Rouge, LA with no family and only 1 friend.

9. In May 2006, I bought my first piece of real estate; my condo. The start of an awesome portfolio.

10. I got high for the first time at 22 years old while in college. Thanks to ___ for introducing me to Canada’s finest! It was so good, I was hiding in my dorm room closet from who the hell knows (I was a rookie and yes, it was pure marijuana).

11. I use to drive from L.A. to Baton Rouge during my breaks from college because I wanted to keep my car. (No more road trips!)

12. It was in college when I experienced my “first love” with my college sweetheart. (We’re no longer together, but he was a great guy)

13. I wanted to learn how to drive as soon as I turned 16 years old. (I totaled my mother’s car, I was okay). Thank God for Volvos!

14. At 17, I got my first car a Toyota Tercel (a.k.a brownie).

15. I made my first gingerbread house (or any real baking good for that matter) in my 10th grade culinary class. My parents kept it for several years. (Not a cook at all today)

16. My high school prom was a glamorous and fantastic affair. Thanks to my parents.

17. When I was eighteen I got my tongue pierced.

18. I had the privilege to meet and be mentored by Entertainment Attorney Nina Shaw (when I thought Law was my passion). She did influence my decision to learn more about Business.

19. Thinking BIG has always been a part of my life.

20. I got my first real job (or what I like to call my paid internship) after a year of temp work in Dallas, working in commercial real estate.

21. My nickname going up was “Star”. I was quite the performer growing up.

22. I had the privilege of meeting Sydney Poitier & Brock Peters while giving a keynote speech in their presence.

23. I worked as Tutorial aide for at risk students at juvenile hall school in L.A. (the most humbling experience of my life.)

24. After graduating from Southern I decided to move to Dallas, TX with no job, no close family, and 1 friend. I’ve never looked back.

25. Since 2004 (and my move to Dallas), I’ve made a promise to myself to never let a year pass by without any progress or growth.

26. In 2006, I became a Big in the Big Brother and Big Sisters organization.

27. At lucky 27, I’m truly grateful for the woman I am becoming and for everything I have (even when I don’t think it’s much). I am finally at point where I am truly comfortable in my own skin and understand my purpose here on earth. No regrets and never looking back! Nothing is impossible for this chick!


BluJewel said...

HAPPY NEW YEAR (BIRTHDAY)!!! It's also my mother's bday and my bro in laws. And you already know I'm a Virgo too.

Anywayh, this was an excellent, I repeat excellent post. More people need to accept their new year with this energy and positivity. Looking back over the past year can be therapeutic and inspirational to see where you've been; to where you are; to where you're going.

It seems like you've done well and I wish you nothing but a continuation of what you've achieved and God's blessings for this new year.

1 In The Same said...

Happy Birthday....You should be proud of yourself you have accomplished a lot in your 27 years especially with the purchase of real estate, can't go wrong there. Make it a good day, ENJOY !!

Malinda said...


R.M. said...

HAPPY B-DAY!!! I truly believe you have accomplished a lot in 27 years. You have tremendous strength. Keep your head up & keep on moving up. No one can stop your shine or bring you down unless you allow them to. I believe in you because you believe in yourself.
God Bless!!!!

Black Girl Interrupted said...

Happy Birthday! I just celebrated mine two days ago. Like the other commenters, I thought this was great post and you have accomplished a lot in only 27 years. May you have a wonderful and fabulous day and continue to grow!

P.S. Make sure to light one up for me, since I'm on hiatus ;-).

F'n Falcon said...

Happy Birthday ______:)
May it be your best one yet!! Have a good trip.

T.C. said...

Happy Birthday Sista Gurl!!! Happy 27th Birthday!!! I gots to mark that down!!!! Yes I am so glad that you have 27 things to be happy about!!! WE are so blessed!!!!
Happy Birthsday....

T.C. said...

Oh, and I want you to listen to India Arie's "Private Party" today and dance, laugh, and enjoy...YOU, celebrate the woman that you have become so far and the woman you will be!

G. Mo said...

Beautiful reflections. Have an enjoyable and safe birthday!!!!

shereejoi said...

Happy Birthday Girl, I hope you enjoy your day! Today is my grandfather birthday also!

BrillD said...

Happy B-Day Sis! I wish you many more
returns. Keep doin' you Baby girl.

Single Ma said...

Very inspiration, very positive and so so fabulous.


A woman on the move said...

Thank you to everyone for the warm wishes!
I had a great day, and now looking forward to my trip tomorrow!
Now on to Part II of the birthday celebration!!

Freaky Deaky said...

Happy Belated Birthday! I hope you had a blast.

The Mistress said...

Awesome post, awesome life. Happy Birthday!

It's nice to see that you didn't have a "Quarterlife Crisis" like my sorry ass did!!!!


j.a.c. said...

this is so wonderful lady! it's good to see strong, growing, sisters doing there thing and never looking back. i love it! i hope you had a blessed day.

A woman on the move said...

Thanks for the love!!!

Quintin said...

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