Tuesday, June 19, 2007

SBF:This Shit Ain't Over...Part I

My best friend finally completed her rebuttal to Single Black Female’s bullshit last night. I know it’s been awhile since I posted all of this madness. But I figured this is the best way for my friend to say her piece. Especially since she really wanted to fly all the way out to Dallas to kick SBF’s ass. I say the power of words are the best way to get back at a person like her. It’s a bit long so I’ll divide it into several posts.


SBF- Psycho Bitch

My Buddy’s Rebuttal
So, I read this person’s blog the other day. And all I could think about was how pathetic, disturbing, and disgusting this individual really was. She is an ex-friend of a friend (we’ll call my friend Ms. Confessions) and although she doesn’t know me from eve she took shots at me and Ms. Confessions’ family (people I consider to be my family). #1 Ms. Confessions and I have been down w/ each other since 1991 and we’ve been through our ups and downs but we’ve always managed to come back together (in the bitch’s blog she claims I’m the “new” best friend). But anyway, what makes me believe that she is the most evil and malicious person I’ve ever come into contact with, is that she actually had the unmitigated gall to verbally attack my friend’s recently deceased father (my second dad). The comment she made about Big Rich (a man she never even spent five minutes of her miserable life speaking to) were vicious and unforgivable. Rich was one of the most decent, hardworking and caring people I’ve ever known; as his grave reads, “To know him was to love him.” He would give you the shirt off of his back and even in his death he is more remembered, respected, and loved than that pitiful bitch will ever be living. And that is the truth. The truth is… I could care less what this person said about me –who from this point will be referred to as the wildebeest because not only is she extremely unattractive and obese, no decent human being could ever use such hateful words. When comparing me and my life to hers… there’s just no comparison. If you need a visual at all check out Wildebeest

I’m sure her one friend and sister really got a kick out of this. What’s sick is that no one told her that she was sick for writing such evil words about someone’s deceased parent. What’s sick is that no one said hey you might have gone a little too far with this one wildebeest. Interesting… shows you how psychotic she and the 2 people she talks to are as well… Moving on…

The Wildebeest (WB)- She’s an unattractive, dark skinned, tall, obese female in her mid 20’s; she however resembles a woman at least 10-15 years her senior. An atheist and cynic by nature; WB has a morbid sort of humor not shared by sane people. Why she questions others’ morals and she’s has no foundation/guiding measure for her own is beyond me. (being that she’s an atheist). WB wears tons of make-up that makes her look like one of those old school black in white movies when Caucasians were painted with black faces and big white lips to imitate African-Americans. She wears a bad weave, looks like she gets her clothes donated to her by the Salvation Army and smells like she receives three meals a day from a local soup kitchen. –a habit I’m sure she picked up while living in the dirt and swamps of Louisiana. The truth is WB is unhappy. She’s emotionally scarred from being an orphan and growing up in a dysfunctional home. If she’s anything now like she was as a child, I’m sure she was picked on in school because of her physical appearance and social awkwardness. She grew up in a home that resembles nothing short of a third world country shanty, perhaps with no running water and an outhouse. I’m sure she was one of those kids that sat in the corner of the schoolyard twiddling her thumbs and smiling to herself secondary to coming up w/ some strange thought. Birthdays were horrible. Waking up excited only to find that she had no gifts and that that day would be just as miserable as any other. Christmas day I’m sure was the worst. After waking and finding nothing under the tree, I’m sure it hurt to sit by the window and watch all the other kids riding their bikes and playing with their new toys. As she grew into high school age she maintained her loser status; was never involved in social clubs and frequented no social gatherings. She was perhaps a social misfit walking around in fishnet, combat boots, and spiked collars. I’m sure she thought she was a rebel and considered herself not subject to typical social conventions. Was she just “unique?”… You be the judge.

I’m sure she spent several nights crying herself to sleep; standing on the sidelines while other girls were asked out. No prom. No date, no way of getting one. Or maybe she found some weirdo guy, a social outcast like herself to date, which only reinforced her disdain for her fellow peers. I bet she didn’t even go to her high school graduation because of course she didn’t want to be on stage with all those “hypocrites”. Besides who would attend? I doubt any of her siblings cared enough to go. Shit they could care less now.


Black Mamba said...


I checked that myspace link, and...ummm....she's scary looking in some of those pics. And why on earth did she post a pic of her holding her gynormous breasts??? Blech...have some decency woman!

Great response, tho!

A woman on the move said...

black mamba-

A few of those pictures were exaggerated she uses Photoshop. Those breast aren’t hers..LOL

But the one with her and only friend is a recent shot.

The Mistress said...

Ick nasty.

That's all I hafta say.

Anonymous said...

You'd ruin SBF's day more by not talking about her then bothering to refute her claims. She's a total waste of anyone's energy or time.

didi said...


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