Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Single Black Female: The Finale

Life has a hell of a way of teaching you valuable lessons. This female has proven to me that there are in fact haters who will attempt by all measures to bring you down. But because I am drenched in an abundance of love and support from my loved ones; Haters will NEVER prevail.

I received word late last night about this disturbing post single black female decided to showcase on her myspace to all 3 of her friends. It’s her version of the trip to L.A. Now keep in mind this trip happened nearly two months ago and has since been long forgotten. You count your loses and move on.

At first I was going to post my rebuttals to each paragraph of madness. But since she’s so far gone and it’s so damn obvious. I figure I’d lead by example to just show the world the facts and omit my opinions. I could waste energy talking bad about this female, but again her current state of living speaks much louder than any words I can say.

Here’s her words cut and pasted from her post.

A few weeks ago I went to L.A. I despise the people of L.A. The city is old and overridden with crime and everyone there puts materialism over anything else. I used to know a girl who lived out there. She invited me home with her for Thanksgiving and then again for Christmas. The third time, I accepted. I can honestly say that I've never seen so many ugly, stupid people in one room until I spent an evening with her family. Her mother leases a car that she wouldn't be able to afford under any other circumstances and her father, an overweight janitor who mooched off of her mother for close to 30 years passed away suddenly a few months before. After he passed away her brother decided to spend every waking moment smoking as much weed as humanly possible while her mother shut herself in the back room like a recluse. She is probably trying to come to terms with the fact that she wasted her youth living with someone she no longer loved and didn't even like.

So I flew out L.A., and the first thing her brother wants to do is smoke-up. She goes into the backroom and falls to sleep. The second day I'm there she wakes up, gets high, talks on the phone for hours and then we go to the Beverly Center. We stop at Macy's where she proceeds to go directly to the juniors section and then states, "Oh, we don't have time to go check out anything in your department." We would have had time if she wasn't stoned most of the day and talking on the phone. That same night she leaves me with her pretentious mother to discuss politics while she goes out to have drinks (and possibly fuck) some guy that uses her to get his rocks off whenever she comes home to visit. While she was gone I hung out with her brother and her new best friend who assured me not to take the situation personally because; "This is what SHE always does, that's why her friend Regina was so pissed when she come out to visit."

I went to bed and woke up the next morning determined to leave. Little did I know that the previous night was spent with her, her overweight pot-smoking slacker of a brother and her overweight school-for-life-self-righteous-bitch of a friend discussing my mental state. I didn't find out about this conversation until later. Apparently their perception was that I was being too co-dependent. So let me get this straight, I'm too co-dependent on a person who invited me out to a strange city and then insisted that I stay when I offer to leave and get a hotel and a car to show myself around. Well, excuse the fuck out of me for being to co-dependent! I spent the last two days in that house surrounded by morons who watched ESPN nonstop and bragged about different celebrities they met in various coffee houses and malls in the Los Angles area. Her little brother actually said "My mother has money didn't you see her Jaguar?" Sure, I saw the leased Jaguar and the financed big screen HD television. Sorry if I'm not impressed.

By the end of that trip I had an epiphany. I realized that this girl was never my friend. My social awkwardness made her feel better about herself. Maybe she just used me for my weed. I remember defending this "friendship" in college to my friends and family members, even some of the men I fucked. One guy actually accused me of hanging out with her because she was "ugly" and it made me feel "better about myself." Ha! This is what happens when a dark-skinned, big-lipped, ugly person is boosted with too much self confidence. I blame her parents.

I think I could have gotten over the fact that I wasted 300 dollars on a trip and only saw the inside of someone's house but I can't get over the fact that this girl chose to participate in a conversation with these people discussing whether or not I was crazy while I was sleeping in the next room. She forgot that I was the one who packed her bags and drover her to the hospital once she realized that her father was dead and gone and never coming back. I'm the one who told her the truth about the guy who's pushing 60 and only using her for sex while her other friends (L & L) waited for her to leave the room and then said "it must have something to do with the loss of her father…" Her Father, whose rotting maggot invested corpse, must be rolling over in his grave in light of her recent life choices.

What have I learned from this? In retrospect, I don't feel I wasted money going to L.A. I feel like it was money well spent on a valuable life lesson. It is impossible for someone who is so selfish and so lacking in moral character to be a good friend to anyone. I would have paid a million dollars to see that girl's true colors. I am done wasting time and energy on shallow, self involved stupid people.

My Take:

I am amazed at the level of wasted time and energy that went into this post. You thought your evil and malicious words could hurt me. But the only message conveyed to me is:

You need a hug from a maternal influence.
You need a shoulder to cry on from a true friend.
You need someone to give you the attention you’re so thirsty for.
You need some good loving from a great guy.
You’re full of jealousy and envy.


One of my many fond childhood memories...Every Christmas was a joy. (That's my little brother)

I love my family!!!

Single Female's Childhood

Me as a child

You as a child- The Little one with no shirt on


Oh the truth really hurts. It's so sad you had to go on your childish rants and make up things to feel better. I have every right mind to file a lawsuit against your ass for defamation. But neither you nor your family have any valuable assets.

P.S.: I find it very ironic that she keeps calling everyone "overweight" yet she weighs over 200lbs.


j.a.c. said...

People are people. They're always going to say nasty things when they're bitter and lacking cooth. What gets me the most though is how she talked about your father. That was downright disturbing. I'm sorry a.w.o.t.m. Thank you for not returning evil with evil.

A woman on the move said...

J.A.C.- There are no words. To be honest her words don't sting nor burn. I am surprised actually by my reaction to not feel rage and anger. Perhaps because she's so full of shit, I can't even give it brain power.

Her words about my family mean NOTHING to me. She wants my life and it shows...

Anonymous said...

how is it that she's YOUNGER than you yet her pictures look so OLD???LOL. they look like my mom and dads childhood pictures haaa. i was going to tell you not to waste your time responding to someone that CLEARLY has issues. some people just can't be helped.

-brianna (i didn't feel like signing in :-))

The Mistress said...

Wow her photos look worse than the shit I've seen on "Sanford and Son".


Anyway, what a cunt muffin! For her to disrepect your father with that dispicable description...ugh there are no words for this bitch.

Daneger said...

I just read all of your blogs about Single Black Female and I have to say that I love the fact that I'm a man...LOL. Guys don't go thru stuff like this (normally). I am glad you eventually shook off that dead weight but I must say you are definitely a better person than me in this situation. Had I been thrown in that situation I don't know that I would have had the ability to keep my composure :-)

Blu Jewel said...

WHOA! I too have read every entry bout SBF and unless you're an extremely talented and creative fiction writer, I have no reason to believe you were lying about her. It's obvious she has a distorted version of the truth and needs serious mental and emotional intervention. Over the years I've learned to just pray for people like her. The energy invested being negative will only deplete you and she's obviously not worth it. I'm glad you continually handled her with maturity and diplomacy...that says much about your character. Put your heels on and keep walking with your head high, you've earned it.

B.m.W said...

Woooooow...I've grown away from friends before, but truth truly is stranger than fiction. I never could have thought up such a wild series of events.

I bet you could actually turn this account into a popular short story.

A woman on the move said...

Bri- I hear what you’re saying. And most of all you know the truth. LOL, yeah those pictures are truly classic.

Mistress- Yeah, the fact that any one can utter those words makes you wonder about her mental state. But obviously she’s a woman with serious issues. And can’t handle the fact that I no longer want to be her friends because she’s a nut case…

Daneger- Yes, the joys of being a girl!!! LOL You know I must owe it to my maturity for handling this the way I am. Honestly, those words are how people get badly enjoyed or even killed. See in high school, baby girl would have gotten jumped by all of the homies. LOL

Blu- Thank you for your kind words and blessings as always. I am truly needed the strength of positivity these days. But you always reap what you sow.

B.M.W.- Working on the publishing… Thanks to my this woman!!! LOL

Southern_Lady said...

That's some ish right there. When I first began to the read, I thought, SBF needs her a$$ whooped pronto, but it's pointless. She envies you. Such a shame to have so many unresolved issues that you take it out on someone else. She needs a hug.

Anonymous said...

Summer time and the living ain't easy.

Curious- how did you acquire her "personal family photographs?" I know if I had some broke-down-about-the-mountain-looking family pics, I wouldn't share them. Then again, not a far-fetched thought if someone is not right in the head- girly might think they are normal.

A woman on the move said...

Southern- She does need a hug, but too bad It’s not coming from me. She’s in need of something beyond what I could ever provide. And that is truly sad. But then again karma has a well of showing its pretty little face…

Anonymous- You must know the deal :)

She gave me those photos a while ago. She forgot I had them. She was showing me her “humble” childhood, truly its something you would have to see to believe.

Nic said...


I have so many questions.
First off, did you have any idea that all this HATE was lurking just beneath the surface?
Did she think/know that you would see her post?
Is this her passive aggressive way of getting some shit off of her chest? I mean damn, I can be passive aggressive to but I don’t think I’ve ever been this mean spirited. I hope I never get that bitter.
Also ”This is what happens when a dark-skinned, big-lipped, ugly person is boosted with too much self confidence”. Is she racist?

Well that’s it. Sorry to have bombarded you with so many questions, but I haven’t gotten a chance to read through all the old post.
It seems like she has a lot of issues to work through.
Thanks for sharing the story, the pictures & for keeping it classy.

Snickering at the “No Shirt” picture.


Anonymous said...

She is very ignorant, I need her to grow the hell up and express herself like an adult. I can't believe this came from someone who was suppose to be a close friend. With everything that is going on in her life, I would want to have a good friend around. She obviously is upset because you have the family she wish she had.
SINGLE BLACK FEMALE, LOVE YOURSELF FIRST!......girl a picture is worth a thousand words(lol), I am about to call my mother and thank her for my upbring!

Anonymous said...

She is very ignorant, I need her to grow the hell up and express herself like an adult. I can't believe this came from someone who was suppose to be a close friend. With everything that is going on in her life, I would want to have a good friend around. She obviously is upset because you have the family she wish she had.
SINGLE BLACK FEMALE, LOVE YOURSELF FIRST!......girl a picture is worth a thousand words(lol), I am about to call my mother and thank her for my upbring!

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