Monday, May 21, 2007

Single Black Female: Questions from Nic...

I felt my response to her questions required a separate entry. Here’s her comment:


I have so many questions.
First off, did you have any idea that all this HATE was lurking just beneath the surface?
Did she think/know that you would see her post?
Is this her passive aggressive way of getting some shit off of her chest? I mean damn, I can be passive aggressive to but I don’t think I’ve ever been this mean spirited. I hope I never get that bitter.
Also ”This is what happens when a dark-skinned, big-lipped, ugly person is boosted with too much self confidence”. Is she racist?

Well that’s it. Sorry to have bombarded you with so many questions, but I haven’t gotten a chance to read through all the old post.
It seems like she has a lot of issues to work through.
Thanks for sharing the story, the pictures & for keeping it classy.

Snickering at the “No Shirt” picture

Nic- I don’t mind your questions at all.

I suppose I was a little naïve at her level of hate or ability of being low. But in hind sight, I’m not too surprise. This type of garbage is right up her alley. But you do think people will grow and become better.

I’m not sure what her intentions were for posting this. While I am not on her friend’s list on myspace there’s still one friend on her page that she actually met through me who showed me the post. I don’t know what she was thinking. But of course my girl was going to send me the post- that’s not something you read and not pass on. Besides, my friend who saw the post actually attended my father’s funeral. So she knew I had to see the hateful words for myself

The dark-skinned- blah blah thing was her attempt to hurt my feelings. Not sure if she’s a racist seeing as how she’s black. But again I know she’s just jealous. She knows as well as anyone who knows both of us that my level of self confidence doesn’t come exclusively from myself or parents. I am confident because I am always giving compliments from others, I don’t need to toot my own horn. My happiness speaks for itself which allows people to gravitate towards me effortlessly.

Again, I find it interesting that she keeps calling everyone overweight. Especially when she's tipping the obese scale her damn self. Perhaps, it’s all a reflection of how she views herself.

The purpose of the pictures was to give an actual visual of the different lives we live. Rather than accept the fact that we’ve outgrown each other and move on. She held on to these hateful thoughts and then thought her words would actually hurt me.

Yes, it was fucked up for her to disrespect my father’s memory and my family for that matter. But I see through her bullshit. She wished she had a loving family or even good friends like mine. Yes, things are looking pretty fucked up for her right now. Her only friend in the world-ME; has left the mutha fucking building…


Nic said...

Yeah I can’t believe that I forgot to comment on the father thing. I must have had some type of sensory overload from all her hate. Anyway, talking about a woman’s deceased father....that's a bitch move. She must want to get fucked up! And all of this because at worst....I mean IF everything she wrote IS true, it boils down to ~you not giving her enough attention ~. Is she fuggin 12? Someone needs to tell her that self hate is the most destructive hate of all.

Anyway thank you so much for answering all of my questions.
And so quickly too!


Blu Jewel said...

it's good to hear rebuttal from the offended parties because we can get their opinons on the sitaution. not that we ever doubted you, but as i said, it's good to hear what others think of her.

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