Monday, May 21, 2007

Single Black Female: Response from Mr. Godvia…

I'm the one who told her the truth about the guy who's pushing 60 and only using her for sex while her other friends (L & L) waited for her to leave the room and then said "it must have something to do with the loss of her father…" Her Father, whose rotting maggot invested corpse, must be rolling over in his grave in light of her recent life choices.

You can imagine the uproar my loved ones are in after reading this bullshit. This female has no idea. As I am giving rebuttals from the people she attacked I’ll post them. Here are Mr. Godiva’s words to her sorry ass paragraph about our relationship.

This is from the guy who’s pushing 60 who is using you just for sex for the last 6 months.

My response to your friend is that she is a 25 years old pushing obesity who is having sex with men (if any) who are into fucking for mercy. When was your last real last date?

My response:

What the hell is your truth? If our relationship is purely about sex; what man is going to stick around for 6 months and go through the interrogation from my family- if all he wants is my pussy? And I spoke to L& L (the other day) and yes they had their apprehensions in the beginning (like everyone else). But we’ve all moved passed that since he and I are still very much going strong.

But I wouldn’t expect anyone who hasn’t even had an adult like relationship with the opposite sex to understand. Try again single black female (I didn’t give you that name for no reason). You are the permanent single black female…


Blu Jewel said...

as i said in my post on saturday, chivary is NOT dead and i think Mr. Godiva did a fine job in defending your honor. his words/actions are admirable. i like him even more than before. big ups to you both.

A woman on the move said...

Isn't he just awesome?


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