Tuesday, May 22, 2007

My Daddy

My dad in his favorite chair at my uncle's house.

This subject is very sensitive to me. I rarely mention my father on my blog, because I am still very much in denial. But since an ex friend of mine thought it was cool to disrespect my father’s memory, I decided to dedicate this post to MY DADDY.

My father was definitely a hard working man and made sure my brothers and I was very much well taken care of. My father worked for Coke during the 80’s and later worked for Sears until 2000 (I believe), and then worked for Compton Unified School District as a custodian. I have absolutely NO shame in mentioning what my father did as a profession.

What I’ve learned is you should never judge a book by its cover. People at his last job did assume my father couldn’t have much because of his job. But my father always had the latest car fully loaded. Not to mention the latest technical gadgets (he loved his toys). You see my parents bought their first home together in the 70s at the time the asking price was $50k. I recall my mom telling me my grandfather thought the asking price was insane (LOL). But who would think in 2006 their home would be worth $650k. ( Gotta love L.A. real estate) You can image what type of equity they have (over 400k if u wanna know).

Everyone loved my daddy, he was truly the coolest. This was confirmed during his funeral. You have no idea how overwhelmed with love and respect my immediate family felt from everyone. He was crazy funny, everyone loved when my family was around. It is simply insane when my brothers and father are in the same room. I am quite sure I inherited his natural ability to be outgoing, fun loving, and full of jokes. I was voted class clown in my senior year. LOL

Words can’t begin to describe how great my daddy was I swear. It was my father who cashed out his SEARS stocks to send me to college. He used that same source of money to buy me my first car. It was my daddy who taught me how to drive in an open parking lot in his prized Ford Explorer. It was my daddy who gave me money whenever my mom said no (LOL). It was my father who loaned his brand new Monte Carlo to my cousin who wanted to go to his prom in the early 80s and floss a nice ride.

My father and I talked often on the phone and I even recall my last conversation. It was Thursday afternoon and I was on a bank run for my old company. He was joking about how the new medicine he was taking was giving him the runs. And I was all excited about my new job and it was a conversation like usual. I never thought in a million years that would be the last conversation. He died the next day…

My dad and my older brother.


Black Mamba said...

Your father sounds like an amazing man...

Blu Jewel said...

it was an honor and a privilege to have read about your father. i also think it's wonderful that you had such a loving and hard working daddy. he sounds truly wonderful and would be so proud of you publically honoring him this way. the timing is perfect as it is Memorial Day weekend.

thanks for sharing!

nic said...

Unexpected deaths are always the hardest, for me at least. Always thinking about how things were left. What I wish I would have said or done.... I'm glad that you were able to speak to him and that you two were in good spirits. From your description of him, he seems like a great dad.

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