Thursday, May 24, 2007

Collars, Straps, and Whips: Oh My!!

Mr. Godiva and I played “Freak Nite” a week ago. Yes, it took me a week to get over the fun. It was around 3:00pm while I was at work when we made plans to see each other that evening at 6:00pm. The plan was for me to agree to be totally submissive and ready to play. Also, he informed me that we’d shower together. So of course the rest of my workday was fabulous.

While in route to my house to pick up some clothes for my overnight stay I was having a phone conversation with my brother. I arrive home, still talking on the phone and begin packing my stuff. Usually I like to rinse off a little before I see my guy (don’t wanna get caught slippin’). But because of my multitasking, I forgot to take my birdbath.

Anyway, I arrive at his doorstep and was greeted with a warm hug and kiss. So I grab my glass of champagne and we talk a little. Next he sets out some hors d’œuvre for us to nibble on. He then asks if I was ready to start the night. I happily said yes. So he placed a collar around my neck and asked me to feed him and address him as “Sir” or “Master”. It’s amazing how much of a control freak I am. You have no idea how hard it was to play our little “game”.

He then connects the chain to the collar and I began to walk on all fours for a few steps. He then request I pull down his pants and suck his dick. I again happily obliged his request. I enjoyed sucking my “master’s” dick and he very much enjoyed the pleasure. We head to the bedroom where I continued to give him oral pleasure.

I noticed a few times he would ask if I felt anything while sucking him. But at the time I wasn’t paying him any attention (my mission was strictly to please). So, I am going to town on his dick and then he began to pee a little in my mouth. (YUCK). I immediately jerked my head off his dick and spit whatever the hell was in my mouth out. He started apologizing (and no, I don’t believe he was being malicious-but I do give great head) for peeing in my mouth. I ran into the bathroom and rinsed my mouth out several times and then drunk down whatever drinks I could swallow. It wasn’t that bad, but it was definitely psychological reflects.

All in all it was about a teaspoon of pee in my mouth (yuck). But he then explained that was the reasoned why he asked if I could feel anything. I was sucking him so good he thought he was peeing in my mouth. Until he actually did pee.

I couldn’t be too mad because prior to me sucking him off. One of his requests for me was to bend over and let him kiss my ass. Now this man is a true ASS MAN. I’m talking he loves my ass. Not because it’s extra big ( cus I'm not). He actually enjoys kissing and licking my ass. But anyway, while he was kissing my ass I began to squirm a lot. WHY??? Because I knew I didn’t get a chance to rinse off and I took a shit a few hours before at work. (Yes, I am serious). So, then he asked me in a sweet voice while kissing my ass “baby did you take a poopy?” (LOL). What they hell was I going to say NO (especially while he’s all in my ass). I said yes, and he was sweet about it and we moved on.

So in hindsight, I can’t be too mad he accidentally peed in my mouth because he did enjoy kissing my shitty ass. After our fabulous sex we had to go back to my place because I forgot my work clothes (need to stop multi tasking). So after we picked up my clothes we then stopped by la madeleine to eat some desserts. It was quite the nite for us. And yes “freak nite” will go down again. But you’re girl will be ready from now on.

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