Thursday, May 24, 2007


At what point in a relationship do you have a threesome?
Or should you ever consider it?

I guess this question is directed towards those who actively have or had threesomes.

How do you maintain a level of trust while inviting third parties?
Do you actually feel threesomes make your relationship stronger?
How does a person maintain their sexuality in a threesome? Especially since there will always be someone of the same sex in the mix.
Can a person wear the crown of “freak” or “sexually liberated” and have not participated in a threesome?

My inquiring mind really wants to know…


true supermodel said...

I'm not into this type of stuff.

Anonymous said...

It's one of those things- if you have to ask..

A woman on the move said...

True- I respect that!

Anonymous- That may be true.

But I really am curious about those who do partake in this activity.
And since I am a "virgin" in that department, all I can do is ask..

The Mistress said...

My threesome was only half-assed...I only had actual sex with one of the guys and the other gave me some stellar head. But this was on spring break when I was 18...

Now, it was hot and makes for a great fantasy when I'm alone. I have no regrets but I wouldn't do it again today. Not in a relationship especially.

You must have been propositioned...?

Blu Jewel said...

having never done it, i can't really give you a valid comment. from those i know who've tried it, i've heard mixed reviews. one guy said it was overrated (him + 2 girls). another guy said, he enjoyed it, but the girls were apprehensive about each other. A girl with 2 guys loved it.

i think it's an understandng that has to be developed between the couple and whomever they're inviting in. It's there's enough discussion and honest communication, it can work. it's all about trust.

A woman on the move said...

Mistress- LOL, So yes the golden question has been brought up by Mr. Godiva.
Just a little apprehension.
I guess when in doubt, say NO.

Blu- You're 100% on point as usual.

To be continued..LOL

tAnYeTTa said...

Don't do it. Just take my word on that.

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