Wednesday, June 20, 2007

SBF:The Last Laugh

Living this type of life, would take it’s toll on anyone and unfortunately she’s never released this emotional baggage and has continued the cycle of that poor, wounded, dysfunctional, deprived and abused little pickaninny orphan. For this reason, WB judges everyone else and often attempts to tell everyone else what is wrong with them. Can you believe she has the nerve to question everyone else’s morals and ethics? Especially the way she spoke about someone’s deceased parent the way she did.

She projects her insecurities onto others because if she actually stopped to look in the mirror and take an honest look at herself, I’m sure she’d slit her wrists or at least be using more potent drugs than marijuana. The projection of her own worthlessness is made obvious through the words she uses to describe others (words that actually describe herself); words such as pot head, overweight, and ugly. You need not use the term “overweight” describing anyone when you’re clinically obese. I’m appalled by her false since of arrogance, the same arrogance that gave her the balls to write that blog and worse to post it.

Tell me, WB. What happens when a darker skinned, ugly, clinically obese female with bad hygiene isn’t “boosted” with enough confidence? I guess in that case you’d call that simpleton “Malinda.” I blame the fact that you don’t have parents. I truly pity her. She’s a pathetic excuse for a human being and always has been. She’s beneath me.

Aside from all of her many flaws I’ve named, she’s fake yet portrays herself as this intelligent and real person. And I’m self-righteous? I think not. She’s a liar as well… In her blog she quotes me as making a statement that Ms. Confessions’ brother made. When she came to LA w/ Ms. Confessions she smiled in my face, and told me how much she appreciated getting to know me. She asked if she could add me to her friend’s list on myspace. I even took her wack ass to Target as a favor for Ms. Confessions. She suggested I come to Dallas so we could hang out and even showed me some of her artwork. Then she gets back to Dallas and talks shit about me and my people just because she and Ms. Confessions aren’t friends anymore. I even offered her some words of encouragement and tried to help her see her judgmental ways and gave her some tips of learning to be more of a social person. If she had been in LA without a doubt she would have gotten a classic beat down. Cuz as adult, intelligent, and classy as I am, in some cases talking just won’t do it; you have to get hood on some people. And she’s asking for it.

I guess, her lack of sexual intimacy with a male made her want to switch teams because she had some weirdo obsession with my girl Ms. Confessions. I think she was in love with her. Ms. Confessions was her only friend besides her pathetic homemaker sister, a chick in her 30’s also trapped in a “loveless” marriage (as WB so eloquently stated about Ms. Confessions’ parents’ marriage). A marriage she knows nothing about. A situation she knows nothing about, so she should have just kept her mouth shut.

Me- Call me self-righteous call me a student for life. That’s fine, but don’t forget to call me the girl that had a wonderful upbringing w/ 2 parents that loved me and took care of me. Call me the girl that has awesome memories of happy times (during childhood) spent during x-mas, birthdays, and non-holidays. Call me the cultured and successful woman w/ a Master’s degree from one of the most prestigious universities in the world. Call me the world traveler that’s seen more countries than the Wildebeest has seen cities. Call me the intelligent, attractive, assertive, girl that has a big heart, is a good listener and loves life and people. And for that reason is loved by everyone she comes in contact with. Call me the woman that’s takes responsibility for her own feelings, actions, thoughts, and emotions and doesn’t blame the world for why things go wrong in her life. Call me the woman, who although is not a size 2 (I’m still less than half of WB’s size) attractive to millions of men and has not problem getting one. Call me the woman that takes pride in her appearance, personal hygiene, and appreciates her natural beauty.

Perhaps I should have gotten my degree in dance or something and then I could do what WB does for a living. Fortunately for my profession you need to have a Master’s degree. Good thing is, I’m young and I still have time to do a lot of things. WB took shots at Big Rich for being a Janitor and from what I hear one of her sister is a janitor at some trailor park church in Baton Rouge… So again, an example of the pot calling the kettle black.. Honestly there are soooooo many things I could address… I could write another 200 pages on the Wildebeest but why it’s pointless. I could go on and defend Ms. Confessions’ brother and mom but the truth is anyone who knows them knows that none of what was stated was true.

In conclusion, I’m sure as I write this she’s curled up on the couch, on the computer chatting with some guy that’s never seen her, her dildo, Paxil, and weed pipe right next her. Ha Ha! She’s sad…and fortunately what goes around comes around. “Karma’s a bitch”. It seems life would have “kicked that ass” enough for her to understand that but apparently not.




The Mistress said...

Man that chick sounds like a complete twat waffle.

What a pathetic, bitter, facetious bitch.

She is beneath you honey.

Anonymous said...

At the end of the day, SBF got what she wanted- attention. It's all it was ever about in her twisted, pathetic mind.

Time to rid your life of her awfulness. Take your best friend out the next time you go home b/c she is truly ride or die...maybe a touch too hardcore, but I understand why.

In the end, SBF will eventually be served. After reading her blog, you are certainly not the only one who she has a lot of outrageous hatred for. There's a closed unit with her name written all over it, with a massive tray of meds. Hopefully there will be enough water. She's a sad case.

T.C. said...

Just let it need to keep talking about it...she isn't and wasn't a friend...and she unfortunately doesn't and won't get it...maybe one day she will and grow up...but you know...that might not happen, not anytime soon...

so like the mistress said, she isn't on your tell that heifa-BE GONE!

A woman on the move said...

Mistress- She's history as of now. There are NO words to describe her...

Anonymous-Yes, she's always been thirsty for attention. And yes we gave it to her. But I feel mysef or my family is entitled to react however we see fit. That bitch deserves a beat down, but at the end of the day I NO desire to know what jail looks like.

She’s clipped from my life. But I did deem it necessary to allow my peeps to say whatever they feel on my blog, and its still open to my brother if he wants to say anything. But she’s nothing more now than a bad ass memory and a bad ass choice of “friend” I made at a life changing moment in my life.

I thought by befriending people regardless of their obvious difference, it was a sign of maturity on my end. As usual my lesson was learned. People like her don’t usually have a happy ending.

T.C.- Its over for real! LOL

T.C. said...

I do agree that you had a right to say how you felt, its your house and if you feel like you needed to get some things off your chest then so be it!

Blu Jewel said...

Agree wholeheartedly with Mistress, Anon, and T.C.

People who lack the social and life skills it takes to be functional and have an active life are always the ones talking about others. And when they're not talking about them, they're secretly wishing to be them. It's a vicious cycle.

I'm happy to hear that saga is FINALLY over.

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