Monday, March 26, 2007

Single Black Female: The Trailer…

Friend: and again, you ignore me

Me: dude u are creeping me out- what do u expect me to do -u know my work hours are crazy- I am not sitting around purposely ignoring u...

Friend: It's because I'm secretly in love with you!

Me: not even funny

Friend: hahaha would never happen, I have better taste

Me: yeah well act like it

Friend: I'm not tripping, seriously, if you want to go see your family by yourself then that is cool

Friend: I will contact united and see if I can transfer the ticket

Me: if that was the case I had no problem saying that prior to u getting a ticket- I can have a moment of space and not have in depth convos with u and everything be okay. I speak everyday regardless if its im-I speak. So u need to not read so deep into me not calling or wanting u to come- but of course u always have the right to do what u see fit

Friend:: outstanding!

Friend: well I’m not really going to cancel my plane ticket but you should try to take an active interest

Friend: like I bet you don't know that I lost 5 pounds?

Friend: and that I’m thinking about buying a puppy?

Me: that's great, but again u can say that. Just like you just told me. I swear you are the only one who needs special attention from me... It's very similar to a relationship you would have with a man- no I am not saying ur gay or anything. But look at the convo we're having- if a 3rd party was to read this they would assume you were talking to ur lover or signif other. And I highly recommend u NOT buy a puppy. But I understand the void or need to love something or have something love u...but remember ur fish- puppies are like kids

Friend: but they're so cute!

Me: no, please don’t


Blu Jewel said...

girl, you're a better woman than me cause i dont think i could handle your girl on a regular basis. she's like a kid you're trying to wean from a pacifier. *smh*

hugs to you for having the strength to deal with her. *sigh*

nikki said...


yeah, she needs a man PRONTO.

Lola Gets said...

Tell her to get a cat - no potty training issues.

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