Saturday, March 24, 2007

They’re Coming Out of The Closet on ME Day…

Hi, my name is Ms. Confessions; and I’m a fucking Pat Rat.

On ME day I decided to clear my closet. I was suppose to do this three months ago. But for whatever reason today was the day to stop bullshiting and say Good Bye to some of my clothes.

Usually ME days are my personal days to do absolutely nothing or something that specifically benefits ME. Unfortunately the weekends are the only time I can truly have a ME day. However, lately I haven’t taken as many ME days (weekend wise) as I should for whatever reasons. It’s during this time that I don’t like talking on the phone, and fuck cell phone companies for giving free weekend and night minutes solely. They know freaking well most people with any type of business utilizes their phones mostly during the damn weekdays. (Sorry had to get that out).

Back to the clothes, I had shit from junior and senior high school still in my closet (ten years ago this year). Truly WTF? After 4 trash bags full of my fashion choices of the last decade, my closet looked clean and alive.

So why is it hard for us to clear out our closets? Is it the feeling of having options in your wardrobe? (Even though you hardly wear most things in your closet)
Or is it the appearance of having a closet full of clothes that makes us feel good? (I’d say that was my reasoning).


T.C. said...

Totally proud that you took the time to do that...i actually KNOW that I need to do that same so taht my closet can become organized and closet looks like the one in the photo...bursting at the seems with know...and for what...I wear only HALF the crap that is in there either because I don't like it OR it can't fit anymore...

so YES TC will be having a closet party herself one day SOON!

Blu Jewel said...

omg! if my closet looked like that, i'd have a heartastroke *lol* i'm kinda anal about my closet and space, so it's shame you're not closer or i'd hook it up for you. *lol*.

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