Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Ms. Game: You’ve Got to Stay Ready

I now have the inspiration to proceed with my Ms. Game series.
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I heard T.D Jakes once say “God Propels Prepared People”.

As I think about that statement, I can't help but to agree a thousand percent. You see we as woman (and men) expect to have the cream of the crop as it pertains to our ideal mate. Yet, we fail to acknowledge the natural laws of order. We cannot expect to have the best, if we in fact don’t think, behave, or project the best of ME. Since I am a woman, I can only speak from a female’s perspective. So this post is constructive criticism and advice for us ladies. However, a lot of this can be applied to everyone.

I’ll assume anyone looking for that great catch or aspires to be more social; already has her outer appearance in check. If not go back to Ms. Game: does she live in you.

Let’s start with the internal YOU:

What do I have to offer anyone?
What are my attributes?
What are my flaws?
How can this person benefit by knowing me?
What makes me so damn special?
How do others describe me? General consensus.

How can you expect to attract or even better keep a great guy, if you’re not working with anything your damn self? I get a kick out of watching females create environments for themselves to meet successful men, yet they have no prerequisites to qualify themselves for such men.

How can you expect to have a highly ambitious and accomplished man, when you in fact have no goals/purpose or even worst nothing to show for your high expectations. You will only become a liability to a great man, which means you will have a short shelf life.

It’s so easy to say we want a “baller”, but what separates the girls from the woman; are the women who are “ballers” themselves. This term can mean whatever your definition of success may be. But the measuring stick for any woman to adhere to when looking for a “baller” is as followed:

Can you maintain and sustain your ideal lifestyle on your own?
Are you adding value/substance on your end of the deal?
Are you a valuable asset to this team/union?
Are your own credentials impressive? It should be obvious and it doesn’t involve fashion or your whip (car).

Okay, we’ll have intermission now. Stay tuned for Lesson 3.


Anonymous said...

I stumbled upon this post and it is right on time!!!!!

Gotta keep the A-Game on point :)

Anonymous said...

Too many women need to hear this. I am working on being a better person for me so I can have a mate who is as great as I am. If it is what you deserve from somebody make sure you do it for yourself.


Anonymous said...

Superb Post!!

So you live in D town.....I'm thinking of moving there myself...matter of fact I have fam and friends their.....

Thank you for finding my spot....don't be a stranger!!!

Nic said...

I think that I am a good catch now, but I know that there are many things I need/want to do before I become the " Best Me I Can Be". When I get to that level, then I will start looking & judging potential life partners. If I don't find my Mr. Right....oh well. I'll still be the sh*t!

Peace :)

Ms. Confessions said...

Welcome Anonymous #1!!!

Nikita- Yes, the learning curve never ceases, and we can all improve on our A game.

Yazmar- Dallas is a cool place as far as getting a fair start in life. The cost of living is decent and the city is constantly changing, there’s heave migration here. I meet more non natives than Texans.

Your blog is great and I am there everyday ☺

Nic- Its good to be aware of one’s self. No one knows you better than you. I suggest keeping your eyes open at all times. You don’t have to wait until you get to a certain level, but its important for us to keep ourselves on deck before we ask Mr. Right to come correct.

You’re doing just fine. ☺

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