Sunday, July 15, 2007

Ms. Game: The Flirt vs. The Skank


It is important for us ladies to understand the difference between the art of flirting and the portrayal of tricking. Like being sexy, flirting is a sense of being or an attitude. It’s not something that can be purchased nor worn. There’s nothing wrong with a woman who knows how to utilize her sexuality and feminity to attract the opposite sex. However, there is a fine line between coming off as a flirt and appearing to be nothing more than whore.

This particular subject was inspired by a comment made by one of those brilliant VH1Charm School “contestant/actress”. “Pumpkin” made the comment that white women are flirtier than black women. Her definition of flirting is: a woman who kisses a few random men in the same setting, having explicit sexual conversations during initial meetings, sucking alcohol from an ice sculpture (as if sucking a dick) in public, and allowing random men to feel up on her. She also added that for this reason black woman are considered more conservative vs. our white female counterparts.

I hate to burst any woman’s bubble who agrees with this ass backwards definition of being a flirt; but you are best described as a skank if you do any of the abovementioned behaviors. A woman can be sexy and flirty without any physical contact.

The purpose for flirting is to:

Create an irresistible and unique aura about you, that makes him want more.
Provide a preview/glimpse of what you may have to offer.
Display a secure woman who is comfortable in her skin.

Flirting is NOT:
Letting every man sample your goods right off the top.
The most scandalous outfit you can wear.
Connecting with a man initially through the reaction of his dick.
Leaving the impression of being easy or a tease.

I am not going to generalize this subject exclusive to one race. After all, I know hoes from all ethnic backgrounds. I find it amusing how women consider sexy to go hand and hand with being slutty.

I too thought sexy was something you wear (of course I was between the ages of 17- 21). But it’s straight up pathetic to see grown ass women who still believe this to be true. Yet, they wonder why they attract assholes.

Life Equation:

Less Clothing + Easy Access + heavily intoxicated = Slut/Skank
Flirt + confidence+self respect + sexy = Woman


Nic said...

Excellent post. I hope that girl on "Charm School" was just acting though.

j.a.c. said...

Hello!! I love this.

T.C. said...

I ditto what JAC said and say
HELLO! and the people say AMEN Sistah

Thoughts of a Southern gal said...

Totally agree with this post.

And Pumpkin really believed what she said.

Single Ma said...

G'on break it down for us!

*noddin wit ya*

Ms. Confessions said...

Glad to see some women agree :)

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