Thursday, February 22, 2007

Ms Game: Does she live in you?

Chapter 1: Love Thyself Put No One Above Thee


You may sit and think to yourself that you’re above the game playing, but usually these are the thoughts of a player who is losing the game. Don’t take any offense to what I am saying, but let’s be real, and allow me to be frank. But I ask you, if you have all of your shit together meaning, everything is going your way, and you reap obvious benefits of being you-then why the long face? Or a better question why are you always alone?

The following isn’t about playing mind games or manipulation. The purpose is to bring out the inner social butterfly that’s been hiding in your socially handicap cocoon. If you have absolutely NO problem meeting new people then everything I have to say about this topic may not be of interest to you. But if you understand the learning curve never ends, then grab a notepad take some notes and let’s exchange proven techniques that have enhanced our A game. I’m not calling myself a certified expert on this topic; I didn’t study any course or attend any school. But I do know how to project a positive attitude which in fact motivates people to want to talk and get to know me. I don’t necessarily mean just men, but social to all mankind.

But before you even begin to attempt to attract others into your life, you must first know the woman you are. What’s your story? What makes you so damn special? What do you have to offer others? Why should someone feel a need to notice you?

Let’s Keep it Real:

The only way to becoming a better you is to assess your strengths and weaknesses. The only requirement in the following exercise is you have to be honest and true to yourself. Otherwise, what’s your point? Keep living in the land of loserville.

Ask yourself:

What does your wardrobe say about you?
She looks great!
She looks a fucking mess!

What does your attitude/ personality say about you?
She’s comfortable in her own skin!
She’s a fucking bitch!

What would you change about yourself?

What type of energy do you send out?
Do people naturally gravitate towards you?
Do you have a hard time meeting new people?

What are your God giving talents? Talent: a special natural ability or aptitude
How do you share them with the world?

How many friends do you have?
Are your “friends” a positive reflection of you?

How many hours per week do you spend on ME (yourself)?

"Don't Hate the Player. Hate the GAME!"


Brianna said...

this is good stuff. i MUST read the book because now that i think about it, i don't think the movie, The Game, has anything to do with

Lovely and Lavish... said...

You should DEFINITELY elaborate on this more...because as much as I say I dont want to play games- Dating and the whole 'getting to know someone' deal is a game. SO PLS enlighten me...cause I'm failing miserably....

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