Monday, February 19, 2007

The Greatest Man I Know

I am taking this time to acknowledge a man who’s been the most indirect influential person in my life- My Daddy.

This subject is very sensitive to me and it’s a topic I’ve stayed away from purposely. It’s hard for me to talk about my daddy in the past tense. It’s hard for me to completely accept that I will never speak to my father again. It’s hard for me to say my father is dead. It’s hard for me to begin to comprehend why this happened. But rather than harp of the worst part of my reality.

I want to tell the world about a great man. I have had the best father in the world. My father and I became even closer once I moved to Dallas. We use to talk on the phone very often. In fact, his cell number is still in my cell phone (I will never call nor delete that number).

My daddy has the greatest sense of humor. My friends use to love coming to our house just to be in my father’s company. My dad was a complete fool, but he cracked his jokes on people out of love. My father loved music, his favorite group was The Temptations; a long with The Isley Brothers and countless other groups of that era. But my daddy was cool too, he loved recent music as well, there were a few Snoop songs he loved particularly songs he did with the Dramatics or other old school artist. My daddy LOVED the Lakers and the Rams or any other sports for that matter. The perfect day for him is reclining on the sofa watching his big screen HDTV all day. Or a lot of times you will catch him playing the music channel singing loudly.

Yes, my daddy is the greatest man I will ever know. Both of my parents spoiled me rotten. Everything I thought I needed was mine. But my father has done so much for me. He’s the one who taught me how to drive (even against his better judgment). He’s the one who bought my first car (from cashing out on his stock options). He also paid for my college education. Since moving to Dallas, it has been my focus and purpose to live out my dreams and make my parents proud. My parents invested a lot of money, time, and effort into my upbringing; and I am forever grateful to have such blessings.

Even though my parents may not have been perfect, my house was always filled with love and compassion. It’s an implied assumption that my father loved me and always had my back. It saddens me that the man of my life will never have the opportunity to meet and feel the raft of my father. Everyone loved Big Rich! My father effortlessly touched people’s lives. It’s amazing how any and everyone who’s met my father have their own personal and unique stories about my father. He was the type of guy that established personal relationships with everyone. If you ever needed anything and it was in his power, consider it done.

Again words can’t even begin to describe my feelings I have for my daddy. While I question God on his decisions to take him away from me. I still have to give thanks to God for blessing me with an awesome and incredible dad. I had 27 years of pure joy with a man they called Big Rich…


Alisa said...

That was a beautiful post. It's wonderful that the relationship and the bond is so strong that even now you are filled with joy and contentment when you think of him. Your bog further supports the notion that life is priceless and you should live every day on earth without regrets in order to leave the kind of legacy that your father left.

T.C. said...

I think this was absolutely beautiful...there is NOTHING like that father-daughter bond...its truly a priceless thing...I am sure that all that he has instealed in you, will live on through you...

Blu Jewel said...

that was a great and heartfelt post lady. you did your father quite an honor by posting this. i'm sure he was touched when he stood over your shoulder as you wrote this and smiled knowing he raised you well and was a great and postitive influence in your life. You're forever blessed.

DivineLavender said...

Hey Sistah,



Words can't express!

Thotstimi said...

....obviously, a great man
your daddy was.

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