Thursday, August 23, 2007

Ms. Game: The Gift of Gab

In order to be ready for “Mr. Right”, Ms. Game (you) have to possess qualities, like confidence, intelligence, but most importantly being social (or an extravert). Depending on what section of the country you live in; you’re natural social skills will very. A true social butterfly knows how to carry a conversation with anyone (not just people you know).

Some women may be shy, but the reality is your chances for being dissed or rejected are slim. In order to perfect the art of conversation and being outgoing, you have to appeal to any and everyone. That means kids, women, and men. There are a few places I like to use as my “setting”. Typically a few good spots are; grocery stores, school, gas stations, book stores, restaurants, malls, and museums. The more you practice on people the better you’ll become when trying to approach a man of interest.

What’s the point in having a list of attributes for “Mr. Right”, if you have nothing to say when you’re blessed with his presence? It’s 2007 and sitting back waiting for a man to approach you is how you miss out. There’s a lady like way of approaching men, and it has nothing to do with what you’re wearing (meaning skank clothes). In fact, there’s nothing worst than a pushy, sexually aggressive female trying to holla at a man. This is how you attract the dog. (we’ll discuss this later in details).

You can always spot a woman who is truly happy with herself. She’s the one in the room interacting with people and indirectly commanding attention in a positive way.

Here are a few of my general “openers” for the following places: (note these can work on anyone). And always smile!

Grocery store:
Ask a question about a food item i.e. how to pick out a fruit or vegetable. Ask how to cook a food item. While standing in line, grab a gossip magazine and bring up the headlines jokingly.

Designate a study buddy. Ask the professor questions in class (shows you’re not shy and wanna learn).

Gas Station:
Complain about the gas price (in a joking way). Complement someone’s car and then ask how much it cost to feel that baby up.

Cruise a topic of interest section, and ask a person their thoughts on the cover/title.


I usually like to break the ice with my waiter. I always ask them their favorite menu item and drink. This usually opens the door to other conversations. Its not necessarily to get the waiters number, but you’re practicing how to talk to people.

Pick a store and get opinions on your purchases. Particularly in Men stores I would always say I’m shopping for my brother or father. If you’re bold enough, comment on an item a random guy is contemplating on buying (give an honest and positive opinion).

The art and exhibits are always conversation starters. Don’t be afraid to talk to groups. You obviously all have a similar interest.


The Mistress said...

Well well well...this was quite the intriguing post!

I think you're right on! Women have slim chances of being rejected when it comes to men. They are usually so taken aback when we approach them because they're used to doing all the work!

T.C. said...

i like the list...

Anonymous said...
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