Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Someone You should Know

Life has a strange way of reminding us that nothing is ever really guaranteed nor promised. Cameron H. Matthews was the best friend of my younger brother. He died at the age 23 years old due to cancer.

What upsets me most about this terrible lost is the world has missed out on knowing about a great man. Cameron accomplished so much during his short life. He was diagnosis with leukemia in August 2004; he was a student at the university of Arizona. He successfully went into remission and was able to go back to school after a semester or two off. Even after his return back to school he manage to receive a 3.8 GPA the end of that year. There was nothing that Cameron couldn’t do. He met a pre-med student in 2006 that became his girlfriend.

In early spring of this year, I heard that Cameron began to get ill again. He was set to graduate in May. During that last few weeks of his final semester he became extremely weak and was hospitalized during the time he was to walk across the stage to receive his degree. He wasn’t able to attend, but was granted his Business degree along with a minor in Media Arts and did it all with honors.

As the spring ended and summer began, we found out he needed a bone marrow transplant. By the grace of God a month later we found a match. It was at this time when we thought miracles could happen. Especially to someone with such a promising future. In July, I found out he wasn’t able to go forth with the surgery due to his body becoming a little weak. The hospital sent him home to be more comfortable but that last two weeks he was placed back in the hospital.

August 14th will never be the same for me or anyone who loved Cameron. His birthday was September 26th. He would have been 24, with a business degree, high goals and ambitions. I some times ask myself, why Cameron? Out of all of the knuckle heads out on the street, why this man? He had so much to live for. There were so many obstacles early on in his life that he over came. Everything he did was above average.

It pains me to acknowledge the fact that you will never get to hear the story of a successful business mogul named Cameron H. Matthews.


T.C. said...

you know i know this feeling...losing someone so young and promising is always hurtful, but in his life he taught you all, and that's the most important thing to hold on to, the lessons of love and life that he taught...the joy he brought...his strength and courage....

you know you are in my thoughts and prayers

j.a.c. said...

=( I'm sorry.

Joanne said...

I'm so sorry, he sounds like a wonderful young man. Thanks for sharing his story.

Southern_Lady said...

My prayers are with your and his family. He sounded like a great guy.

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