Sunday, January 28, 2007

KUSH (Presidential Shit George Bush)

Initially my intent was to send a brief answer to a fellow blogger’s comment on my post Greetings from Mr. Godiva. But while typing my answer to her question I was inspired to discuss the answer fully in this post.

What is Kush?

Kush is a type of marijuana, like pretty much any product there are different types and quality to choose from for one specific item. Kush happens to be one of the best “brands” of marijuana one can smoke. Marijuana’s quality is based predominately on geographic locations. Some areas of the country have better quality and options than most.

This particular purchase was made in L.A. In good ole’ California buying good weed is as hard as buying a good brand of bottled water (there isn’t a lot of struggle). Like water you can drink a bottle of store brand or enjoy a bottle of Fiji. Like vodka you can drink Taaka or you can enjoy Grey Goose (it’s all a preference or a desire for the best).
This is an actually medical prescription that I have in my hands. In California it is perfectly legal for a medical card holder to purchase marijuana for medical purposes. I don’t personally have a medical card (but it’s great to have friends). So in the eyes of the medical world and other progressive countries marijuana is by no means as harmful as alcohol or cigarettes. Yet those two killers are legal. (Wont go there today).

In my opinion, this is the best way to purchase vs. buying from Tyrone with his wanna be Kush in a zipped lock bag. Buying from this source assures me I am getting pure, Grade A, and FDA approved “medicine”. So if you are gonna smoke I say;

“Life’s too short to smoke that bullshit!”
Ms. Confessions


xylovewy said...

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Blu Jewel said...

I dont smoke, but as you said, if you're gonna do it, do it right and get more high for your supply.

Southern_Lady said...

I don't smoke either, but thanks for enlightening me! BTW, I love your blog and I see that SU shaker in the background!

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