Sunday, January 28, 2007

Aren't we all Cheaters?

Cheaters: a person or thing that cheats.

We Cheat:
On our Income Taxes
On our Student Financial Aid applications
On Exams
On our Mates
On our Jobs
When playing Games
When we compromise our Morales & Values
During Presidential Elections
When we deny ourselves the right to Dream Big

Is there truly a difference between cheating itself and the levels of the cheat? It appears that cheating is truly subjective to the person committing the act and the consequences suffered in the aftermath.

In our Society:
Is it easier to forgive a person who cheats on an exam vs. someone who cheats on their mate?

Is it better to cheat on our student financial aid packages than to cheat on your income taxes? Especially when the fact of the matter is the Government will never have our best interests at heart.

Is it better to cheat to get ahead/further in your career or to blatantly disregard American voters and take office by any means necessary? Or are these merely two examples of self-interest & self gain (which is okay in our country)?

They say a Lie is a Lie, so then its fair to say a Cheater is a Cheater. So again if that is the case then there is no difference between a man (let’s say a Former President) who cheated on his wife vs. a President who cheated during the 2004 Presidential elections.



Blu Jewel said...

a resounding....RIGHT!

The Pussy Cat Bitch said...

i never really looked it that way...yeah, I guess we are all cheats some way or the other.

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