Sunday, April 15, 2007

You Can Have Your Damn Tornados

Friday, April 13th I experienced my first tornado. The severe weather was forecasted for most of that day, but I’ll admit I thought they were exaggerating just a bit. It was around 5:00pm when things didn’t seem fun and I was scared.

This is the freaking flaw of living alone. There’s always a possibility of dying alone in your house and no one even know it (okay maybe a little dramatic. Nonetheless, these thoughts started running in my mind.

I’m watching the local news and I assume the storm was now approaching the DFW metropolitan area because now their time frames for each county was listed on the screen. So I then hear the sound of the tornadoes siren. Again, what the hell is one to do at this point? The sounds could be heard for about 5 minutes and then it just stopped.

So I noticed its 6:00pm on my clocks and on the TV the time frame for my area is 6:44pm. (What the fuck does this mean?). So I then called a few natives, I had to get some form of explanation of what the hell was going on. I was advised to prep my bathroom for a mini refugee camp. I had towels and a blanket in the tub along with a few pillows. I had my radio, flashlight, laptop, cell phone & chargers, bottled water, some breakfast bars, and my Kush. The idea is if I were to be trapped in the bathroom at least I’ve have something to keep me alive until help arrives. (Oh yes, I’m having a freaking blast now).

At this point, I am scared and highly annoyed. I’d take a freaking earthquake any day over this shit. At least earthquakes strikes without the long drawn out warnings and hardly ever happen. Whereas here I have a whole freaking season dedicated to this natural disaster.

So around 6:44pm the sky is dark as hell. My ass kept running to my French doors so I could see what was going (that was my “Becky” moment). It starts raining hard, which then turns into hail. The hails was the size of freaking golf balls. (Thank God I have covered parking). I run into the bathroom and just sit tight while my TV is up loud. (I need to get a portable one now I guess). The newscast was interrupted for the emergency broadcasting of severe tornado warning. Again, what the hell???

I swear it was the worst feeling. You feel like your waiting to die in the most horrific way. I didn’t let negative thoughts consume my mind most of the time, but damn it this shit is just straight up scary. Especially going through this the first time alone (physically). While I am in NO rush to run out and grab a roommate, this is just one of the major FLAWS to living alone. At least I am cool with my neighbors. (But in all honesty I forgot about them and just wanted to stay in my own home in my bathroom, LOL).

Oh the joys of living in Dallas…


DiamondsR4eva said...

Aw I'm sorry all that happened, I'm in Ga and we caught a bunch if rain and heavy winds but we did have a tornado watch I'm glad you're safe and made it through though!

Anonymous said...

I was just thinking 'becky moment' when I saw that you'd used the line..hilarious!!!

T.C. said...

I am so glad you are aiight..i can only imagine...and yes living alone you have those like you said, its just the cost of it..and in terms of you "becky moment" stay you butt away from them doors next time OK...

Blu Jewel said...

happy to hear you're okay...i'm sure that was a truly frightening experience for you. maybe you can go stay with someone the next time they forecast that kind of weather of have them stay with you. either way, you dont need to be alone at a time like that.

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