Thursday, March 22, 2007

Let's Talk About Sex...

If you are sexually oppressed and/or self righteous please skip this post. Don’t need your hypocritical judgments or opinions. Your sex life is probably WACK anyway!!

Today’s Subject Strap Ons:

Have you used one? How you use it or should I say who you use it on is totally your business.

But for the sake of conversation I am interested in Ladies who have used this on your guy. It may be all of the time or may be on those “freaky” occasions.

What are your thoughts on using a strap on with your significant other? Regardless if it’s only been once or twelve times a year?

Let's Try it This way...

So I guess people are a little apprehensive with speaking on this topic. I find that odd especially in the land of blogging where the beauty is being anonymous. I’ll share my experience with this topic. I used the strap on for the first time recently. And I must say it was an experience surprisingly great.

Once I strapped on the piece I felt an immediate feeling of liberation and power (I loved it). I would have to say I felt most like

There’s something HOT about having the guy totally submit to you in a way that most men have women in. I was surprised and amused at how the entire act was like second nature to me. It wasn’t something that we did for a long period of time. But it was FANFUCKINGTASTIC!!!!! While it may not be something I would do with my guy on the regular it is good to know that we are at a point in our relationship where can explore our sexual desires and fantasies and still maintain being true to ourselves.


Blu Jewel said...

You two are the bomb. I was once offered the opportunity to do what you did, but declined. I think it was more because i really wasn't into him as much as he was me and I felt we needed to be on a mutual plane for that kinda thing. personally, i'm neither repulsed nor offended by this post or your ability to expore each other so opening. maybe if more people/couples were like this, there'd be less cheating and more closeness.

A woman on the move said...


You understand where I am coming from ALWAYS!!!

Sorry my sex life is the bomb and others are struggling…LOL

simply STAR said...

ok...yes i am always late on everything. Am I reading this correctly??? Mr. White chocolate let you hook him up from the back???

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