Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Weekend Luv...Wrap Up

So after a warm greeting we enjoyed the view and just hugged for a while taking in all that has and is about to happen. Mr. Godiva cracked opened the first bottle of champagne and we toasted the night to great fun and pleasure. After about 30 minutes of listening to great music and eye gazing we started to get a little hungry. So we ordered some appetizers from room service.

Once we ate a little something it was now time to feast on something other than food. Mr. Godiva wanted me to discover the goodies tucked away in his two duffle bags of fun. I started with the black one. I didn’t necessarily use all of the following but it was fun pulling them out and laying them on our bed.

Bag # 1:
Several zip lock bags of lubricants
Bunny vibrator
Zip lock bags of various shapes and sizes for bunny vibrator
Leather wrists and ankle straps
Real Silver chains (to connect to leather straps)
Several types of leather floggers
Wooden paddle

Bag #2:
More Lubricants
Vampire gloves (they have small needles on the inner side-No I didn’t use them)
Digital camera
Glass dick w/ a rose in the center
Black dildo (feels like a real black man’s penis)
Smaller dildos (good for anal-if that’s your thing)
Small mink (good for rubbing against the skin)
Silk scarves

The fun was mainly in exploring the infinite sexual possibilities without having to use everything in the bags. After a few hours of relating, we noticed the night was still a little young. So we decided to go down to the hotel’s lounge for drinks. The scene was rather dull. A few odd couples here and there but nothing exciting going on in the place. So we took our drinks back up to our room.

After more fun we finally decided to call it night and simply fell asleep in each other’s arms. Everything was so perfect. What more could I ask for ? We decided earlier during our evening together to eat brunch at the hotel’s restaurant so we made reservations for 11:30am.

We arrived at brunch to a beautiful setting. nice crowd, beautiful ambiance, and a great live band. The food was divine, and I pigged out completely. I ate breakfast, lunch, dinner, and dessert all at the same setting. We decided we didn’t want to end our time together just yet. So we decided to go to the movies and then to my place.

We saw I think I love My Wife (which was pretty good). We then decided to have dinner (yes I was a pig that day). We then ended the evening at my house and just enjoyed chillin out on the couch and watching TV.

You can truly only spend this much intimate time with someone you consider dear and special. I love how I feel when I am in his company. I love our effortless attempt to be true and sincere to one another. A couple of people have asked if we’re exclusive and do I consider him my “boyfriend”. The answer is NO to both questions. Yet you have “couples” who’ve never experienced .5 percent of what Mr. Godiva and I share (not to mention this type of weekend luv). So why fix what isn’t broke and get all caught up in titles?

There’s no confusion on either end as to the level of importance we rank each other. Both of our needs are being met beyond what we both expected. So no I don’t call him my boyfriend. He’s my friend, my lover, and my guy.

Now where’s yours?

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Blu Jewel said...

you go girl! sounds like you're having the time of your life with no formal strings attached, so why complicate it with titles? do you sista!

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