Monday, March 19, 2007

Weekend Luv: Scene 1

I knew Mr. Godiva and I would spend the weekend together, but I wanted to do something a little different. I created an evite simply inviting him to spend Saturday with me. The location was a surprise. I told him I was going to pick him up. I asked him to bring any and everything with him. The theme was a night of fun, excitement, passion, and adventure. He happily RSVP to my evite, on Thursday.

So Saturday morning I spent the first half my day preparing for Mr. Godiva. I did my normal weekend chores; house cleaning and grocery shopping. I packed my goody bag around 2:00pm. Part of my plan was to get a hotel room in the city (just a change of scenery). I checked into the hotel a little after 3:00pm and began operation SEDUCTION.

I laid out white scented rose petals. I had my outfit tucked away in a drawer. I had my music library all set on my laptop. I bought two bottles of champagne and two flute glasses. I had my Kush set out and ready to be enjoyed. I told Mr. Godiva I would be at his place to pick him up at 5:00pm.

I greeted my guy at his door, and was too excited to begin our evening. Mr. Godvia had two duffle bags full of surprises and fun. I asked for him to get out his blindfolds to wear while I took him to the undisclosed location. We arrived at the hotel and I took Mr. Godiva by the hand and guided him to our destination. I must admit I loved walking him through the hotel parking lot with all of his trust completely in my hands.

We walked through the lobby and I truly enjoyed the attention we were getting. The hotel staff had smiles on their faces with a touch of envy. Mr. Godiva was completely confused by his surroundings. He heard loud voices in the background but had no idea where I was taking him. We got on the elevator with a group of Taiwanese which I knew would have him confused.

We reached our floor and I brought him to our final destination. I opened the door and took off his blind folds and he loved the surprise. He still wasn’t sure what hotel we were staying at because I purposely didn’t want him to see until we were in our room. We had a great view on such a bright and sunny day.
My guy was quite pleased with what I had planed thus far…


T.C. said...

See that is the sweetest! You are really creative!

racquelle-cutie said...

yeah i agree,very creative

Blu Jewel said...

i had something similar done for me years back and it's very exciting. g'on girl witcha freaky/creative self...happy that someone is GETTING IT in!

A woman on the move said...


It was HOT, can't even lie. LOL

But you know what, it was a long time coming. I deserve this shit and I am sharing my joy with the world.


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