Sunday, March 18, 2007

Weekend Luv...

This weekend was FANTABULOUS! Since I am still in after glow mode; I will have to continue this post very soon. There was suspense, high levels of anticipation, love, freaky performance, cuddling, talking, dining, fun, excitement, but more importantly just a fantastic way of displaying your appreciation to an important person in your life.

To be continued...


The Mistress said...

Dammit there is no dick on my horizon until May when I head back East and now I have to read about you having hot sex???

Give up the details though.



Blu Jewel said...

lol@ mistress; well at least you've had some in 2007 *sigh*.
woman, glad to see things are still working in your favor and i guess i can live vicarioulsy through you for a!

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