Monday, March 12, 2007

The 27 years old in me....

Sometimes I find it amusing to reflect on certain inspirations/experiences that gives me the ideas to write about certain topics.

So while I am enjoying all aspects of my dealings with Mr. Godiva, you cant help but sometimes run into a few disadvantages to dating someone significantly older than you. The following isn’t a big deal or what I would consider a dealbreaker, but it’s always something to think about.

So as a 27 years old woman dating a 56 years old man, there will be a lot of terms and “mainstream knowledge” that Mr. Godiva wont know about. I live in the era of being trendy, fly, bling, chic, Mac & blackberries, and mainstream entertainment. Whereas, Mr. Godiva is from the era of war babies, The Rocky Horror Show, Vietnam, and Elvis.

Again I love Mr. Godiva but I wanted to share the amusing aspects of being with a much older man.

We’ll start with the terminology or phrases I may use particularly when I am chillin/relaxing and in my social mode. At times I may use the following phrases or terms:

Butt (That joke was butt)- something that is horrible, wack, or lame.
What’s Crackin or what’s the deal? - What is going on?
Holla- bye, talk to or see you later
Fly/Hot- looks great, stylish
Jump Off- fuck buddy
Scrilla/Paper- money, currency
I’m Straight- I’m good, thanks but no thanks
My Guy- Number 1 contender, top player on my team (not my man, but close enough to my comfort level)
Bad Azz- Nice, exciting, dope
Whip- Car
Green, Weed, Trees, Kush (top quality)- marijuana (not hooch or doobie baby)
Monster, Full Throttle, Sobe- Energy drinks (coffee 2k)
Lay Low- Chill, relax, low key, mellow
Crib/Pad/Tilt- House, place where I lay my head or call home
Dip/Roll- leave, take a drive or ride
Crunk- Hype, Live, High Energy
Hater-jealous person
Thirsty- Needy


To this day I love this song that came from the show Family Guy, Peanut Butter Jelly Time. (LOL, its truly my shit). Anyway, I show my honey the video clip I downloaded and it didn’t really amuse him like it should have (in my opinion). Now, I’ll back up and say I introduced him to the world of those who watch this great show. So he missed that episode the song came from. But then again, do you know of a lot of 50 something years old watching Family Guy?

I still love my Godiva though…


Blu Jewel said...

having been where you are, i can empathize with you, but there's a thrill in letting him learn from you and you from him as i'm sure you have been. glad to hear things are still going well for you both and may it continue to bless your life. be well lady!

Amadeo said...

I can deal with older people...since I tend to use some cockney slang and terms you had to be there to's the young kids that kill me. I'm only 28 and my slang is not old!

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