Tuesday, April 12, 2011

The Hair

In response to Chocolate Mom's comment, I wanted to share this photo as evidence on why I don't deal w/ my own hair,lol. I promise if you could show me how to maintain this hair (naturally), exercise, and survive in this southern heat..I'm game! I don't like braids and I work in corporate america so I don't want to freak out clients/co-workers, lol.

This photo was taken right after a blow drying session...


ANGELINA said...

Hey! I've been dealing with the same problem (figuring out how to handle my hair since I work out often and have to look conservative for work). Wearing my hair in buns has saved me! I do a variation of this bun with either wet or dry hair, using bobby pins and accessories as needed:


I hope this helps :)

Liryc's pRHOfyle (Ms.Liryc) said...

Giving up the weave is so hard to do. Its not like you really want to wear them all the time, its that its so convenient to just put one in and go. I am on this weight loss journey and I have been working out like a mad woman.. I must say that wearing a weave has to be the best thing on the face of this planet. I can just put it in, sweat as much as I want, go to the hair dresser, wash it and be on my way.

Do what makes you and your wallet happy.. Budget it in, if you need it. I love my natural hair but I can't take it sometimes.. I broke too many combs in my day. I'm ok right now.. Until I grow out some locs.. Have fun with your hair.. its YOURS.

BeautyinBaltimore said...

long time sis.

wow you have a lot of hair. I love it. I would recommend double strand twist. I see double strand twist on plenty of corporate black women.

LaTosha Brown said...

Sister you have some thick beautiful hair. My hair was like that until I recetly cut it off. Please visit my blog It's All About Love at latoshalove.blogspot.com and read my article called the Great Hair Offense.

Peace, Blessings and Hair Grease!!(smile)

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