Sunday, September 12, 2010

3rd Quarter Report

Let me first say Happy Birthday to all of my fellow Sapphires. I can’t believe its September already and it’s been so long since I’ve written a post. I love my new job (its been a month). I have done more this past month than I did the entire 15 months at my last job with the same title. My Guy and I have officially moved in together about two weeks now. Where we ended up works perfectly with our future planning. I wont lie and say in the past two weeks, we weren’t brought to the point of our limits. Between the general stress involved in moving, we found ourselves arguing a little more than usual.

There was a brief moment when I questioned if I was making the right decision. Do I want to move in with this man even though I love him? Am I ready to be 24/7 with this man? You fall in love with the idea, but now is the time to put up or shut up and it scared me. For most of this year I was already an emotional roll coaster because of the stress from my last job, which not only affected me internally but my relationship with him. I am now on the path to healing but there’s still a road of recovering I am going through. But that’s the beauty of love.

I love waking up every morning to him; I love coming home to him. I am so grateful to be in a loving and healthy relationship. I know we will not agree on everything and there will be things that annoy both of us, but we’re ride or die. So I mentioned we’re planning for our future. Initially, I wanted to live in a trendy and overpriced area of town. Particularly a high-rise apartment, I felt it wasn’t wise for us to purchase property together not being married yet. After many tours/viewings, we ended up choosing a property my company owns. Not only is the property unique (development wise) I also get an employee discount. By moving in together we’re saving for our wedding (which will take place in 2012) and towards a down payment for a home. Its looks like the 3rd quarter of the year is turning out great for us.

We look forward to the holidays this year. We are hosting Thanksgiving. I guess more importantly I am truly merging my life with this man. For the first time I have to share everything ( and I am a big brat) but growth is good.

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