Tuesday, July 27, 2010

I Quit 2010!!!

It’s never delivered on your time, but its always right on time. Last Friday (7/23/10) I resigned from my current employer. I thought the day would never come. I have been actively looking since April and finally two companies expressed high interest within the past two weeks. I’ve gone through several interviews and “hook ups” but nothing materialized (at least not on my time). I received my offer letter via Fed Ex on that same Friday from the company I wanted to work for.

It’s been a long road of mental anguish and high levels of stress. I swear I wouldn’t wish these last few months on my worst enemy. I was beginning to wonder what had I done in my younger years to deserve such bullshit. But God is good and I came out much stronger and wiser. Once I gave my two weeks notice, a huge burden was lifted off my shoulders and I look forward to the day when I drive out of this parking garage for the last time. My new manager is a male and he’s young. I am guessing early to mid 30s. I am happy to work under a man for once. In my experience, women perpetuate all of the stereotypes as to why we can’t get along. This remains true regardless of how old we become.

I look forward to gaining peace of mind. I look forward to being healthy and happier whole-heartedly. No job is work your sanity and this job sucked ass because of the managers.


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congrats.......and the best of luck with the new job.

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Today's politics and pop culture from a young liberal's perspective! I follow back=) -love your blog btw

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beautiful blog..pls visit mine and be a follower.. thanks and God bless..


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