Thursday, June 17, 2010

Day 1: Peeling Throgh My Layers

I am currently in route to L.A. to celebrate my mom’s retirement. I swear our lives are so parallel. The past few months have been so toxic for me mentally its no point in even going into details. The good news is this trip will serve double purpose. As my mother ends an important chapter and starts a new one, I will be doing essentially the same. My job isn’t working out and shit has hit the fan and that’s all I am saying at this time for the sake of leaving the baggage in Dallas (for now). I will say from this point on I am in search of what I want to do with myself (professionally). I have people willing to help me. I just need to figure out with all of my skills, education, talents, and resources; what the hell will make me happy? Is it commercial real estate?

I am so unhappy with my professional life that I am letting it affect other aspects of my life. I am go grateful to have a loving and understanding boyfriend. I swear he is my rock and I would be nowhere without him. So here’s to this experiment for the next few days. The goal is to come back home feeling renewed and with a better sense of myself. Things will get better. I’ve just never been here before and its scary but I am ready to tackle this like the champ that I am…


~The One Who Said It said...

I must say it is something about looking at another's life and reevaluating our own. I too am looking in the mirror and deciding which way is right for me professionally. God luck and God bless.

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T.C. said...

i have been there and its not easy but its worth it...keep trying and striving it will all work out

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