Monday, December 21, 2009

Seasons Greetings...

This morning I am sitting here at my mother’s desk in her office, I am home for Christmas and too excited. I got into town yesterday afternoon and its feels good to be home for the holidays. It’s been a while since I’ve updated my blog. I’ll first recap Thanksgiving. My Guy & I went to my brother’s house in Arizona for turkey day. This has been a tradition for my dad’s side of the family for the past five years. I thought it would be a great opportunity for my family to meet the man in my life.

As the days were getting closer, I was a little nervous mainly because of my older brother and uncle. But the visit was very pleasant. We arrived on Thanksgiving morning and the day couldn’t have been more perfect. My Guy fit right in with the family. We ate well, watched football, played games, laughed, and had an overall great time. To our surprise, my brother invited My Guy to play golf with him on Friday. For one, I didn’t know my brother played (lol). But it was an excellent opportunity for them to bond and get to know each other.

It was during this trip when I decided I didn’t want to run off and elope w/ My Guy, but I now want a nice size wedding celebrating our love. We are going to now get married in Las Vegas. It’s the perfect location for my family (located mainly on the west coast) and his family in Texas. It’s been my family tradition to hang out in Vegas for vacations growing up. Seeing My Guy get along so well with my family inspired me to want to include as many people as possible on that big day.

Back to my Christmas trip home… I am so excited to here, yet it’s also bittersweet. It may be a while before I am in California for Christmas. Part of being in an evolving relationship is the joys of blending and creating new family holiday traditions. We’re moving in together next year so we may even host Christmas at our house (who knows). I love coming home for the holidays (hell, that’s all I’ve done) and now I’ll have to begin my own celebrations. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not complaining. I must say Santa (God) has been very good to me this year. I look very much forward to a successful, loving, and prosperous new year. I wish that for everyone….

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T.C. said...

Happy 2010! Definitely glad that things are going well for you and wishing you much more love and success in the new year

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