Monday, November 16, 2009

My Baby's Day...

I decided to take the day off; I didn’t want to step into the real world from such a wonderful weekend. This past weekend was My Guy’s birthday. The actual day was Sunday (11/15), I didn’t have too much planned for the weekend since he has his son, but I did plan something special for Sunday. I have a friend who works at a nice restaurant here in Dallas called The Capital Grille and asked her to hook us up with the royal treatment.

During that day he had no clue what was in store for him. He played golf during the day while I planned for our evening. Dinner was set for 6:00pm, I drove and while in my car I made him put on blindfolds. As we pulled up to the restaurant I had the valet leave him in the car while I quietly had his birthday cake put away. I took a sneak peeked at our table which was beautiful. She has a big balloon, confetti, candles, and a six-pack of his favorite beer chilled in an ice bucket. I went back to my car to retrieve my guest of honor (still blindfolded) and walked him to our table.

As we stood in front our table I removed the blindfolds and he was pleasantly surprise to see our friend (who also served us) and the wonderful birthday display. I am still stuffed from all of the food we ate. Dinner was fabulous we dinned on a six-course meal and plenty of drinks flowing throughout the night. Even though the restaurant was somewhat crowded, it felt like only the two of us were there. He loved his surprise and the other gifts I gave him that day, but what I think we both enjoyed was experiencing another memory together.

So as a result of having a great weekend with my love, I opted out on returning so fast to the corp. bullshit waiting…

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