Saturday, October 31, 2009

Things on My Mind...

Today I wanted to enjoy a day of doing nothing and as I sit around doing nothing, my mind is consumed with many thoughts. I am happy it’s the weekend and I get 48 hours to myself, only to start it all over again on Monday morning. When did life become all about dreading a Monday and looking forward to a Friday? Work is going pretty good overall but it’s a constant battle of maintaining my sanity and not letting others bother me. I am currently in search of a local female mentor and preferably one who is African American and works in my industry. The quest is appearing harder than I thought, but really to no surprise.

I work in commercial real estate and I have always been the “one”. But I am determined to find a woman in Dallas who is dynamic in this game. I am particularly interested because at this point I feel I need some advice/encouragement from someone who is directly playing the same game. I am having a hard time conforming to some of the ways of Corporate America, not to mention the subtle hints of racism I am often encountering. More importantly, I just need to be around women who enjoy what we do as well as who are great at their jobs.

My Guy and I are doing well but there are times when I question, “If I am truly ready?”. I love him with all of my heart and he makes me completely happy. However, I wonder if minor things will eventually become turn offs to me. The main issue is his dog. I am not a dog person and I have been somewhat forced to love his dog. I enjoy Peanut; he’s a sweet dog (a datsun). But I don’t want to live with a dog. He promised his niece that he would not get rid of the dog and he’s not feeling my idea of returning him to his niece. Is a dog a deal breaker for me?

A part of me wonders am I being selfish or should I stand my ground. We’re not moving in together any time soon, but it is the next step in our relationship. Besides the dog we are also going back and forth on where to live still. I don’t want to live in the suburbs because of the longer commute to work. I don’t want to live with a dog. So what is a girl to do? I understand relationships are about compromise, but what are my limits??


CC said...

I know just what you mean about life. It's like we live for the weekends and when you think about it that's sad. I so feel you on the dog thing. I DO NOT like dogs at all (which makes me feel really mean-but oh well). Growing up I was forced to live with a dog I didn't like and I really hated that. If you think you've met the one then ultimately you are willing to do whatever you have to do but I do understand there are certain things that you can't tolerate. I've told my fiance that I never want a dog.

chele said...

When did life become all about dreading a Monday and looking forward to a Friday?

I totally agree. I am taking steps to leave Corporate America for good and open my own business. I've been doing this for too long ... the office politics and the subtle racism ... it's too much.

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