Thursday, October 08, 2009

Another Day for a Freaking $1.00

Thank God it’s almost Friday! This week has kicked my ass in a major way. This post is about my frustrations at work as I anxiously wait to attend another weekly property management meeting. Don’t get me wrong; I love my job, the people I work with, and the future opportunities. But I DISLIKE two of my four managers. The fact that I assist four people is a subject for another day but the fact that two of them get on my fucking nerve is making me my own worst enemy.

Let’s quickly describe these two characters whom I will refer to in future posts (yes, there will be more) by nicknames. Ms. Black, who isn’t an African American woman but she wears the color black EVERYDAY. She’s arrogant and even condescending. I find it ironic that she tries to appear uppity yet she’s quite simple and country (in hickish way). She only talks to me when she needs something, and this is usually via email. She doesn’t give me any tasks that require more than one brain cell. She’s also the world’s definition of micromanager. It’s to the point where I don’t want to do shit for her. She talks to me (via email) like I am a freaking retard or GED recipient, yet she has little to no higher educational background. As her assistant property manager I know NOTHING about her properties. She keeps all of this information stored in her little black box. However, an unexpected turn of events happened last Friday, which required her to be out the entire week (this week). So guess who has to run the show in her absence? ME, well perhaps if Ms. Black/Insecure would keep me informed on a daily basis; I wouldn’t have gotten 50 emails from her this past Sunday to get me up to speed.

So all week, I’ve been busting my ass doing all of these random ass bullshit assignments while she’s away. The good thing is I handle the job and took care of business. I am sure come next week, I’ll be back to making her file labels, which I did incorrectly (another story). Im sorry my MBA program didn’t teach nor quiz me on how to create file labels. However, I can analyze the hell out of any company’s financial statements, lol.

Manager number 2: Ms. Retard. This one is a piece of work. This is the laziest woman I’ve ever worked under. This whoreface gives me EVERYTHING. I am quite sure she looks through her “things to do” list just to see what she can pawn off to me. But I thank Ms. Retard for teaching me how to do your job. She’s been with our company a little over a year and how she keeps her job, who the hell knows? So she doesn’t have an office (no room) so she sits in the cubes with us (other assistants). Ms. Retard holds private and personal conversations everyday and all day. I know more about this retard than I ever want to know. She talks about everything from her dysfunctional relationship, her financial troubles, badass kids, and bailing family members out of jail. What puzzles me is why would you let sensitive info about you be overheard in our office? Dumb whore! The other day she really pissed me off, she kept talking about how “she has nothing to do, I’m bored”, yet sending me emails of bullshit things to do. It’s a serious question of: is she really this fucking dumb or does she truly not give a damn?

Either way, these two pieces of trash are making me crazy. I swear it’s so hard to not let them get to me. I won’t say they know fully how much they get under my skin. But I am defiantly not friendly with them as I am with everyone else. I have never been one to fake the funk. I am cordial and professional, but I will never shoot the shit with either one of these two. Everyday I have remind myself to stay focus and not let these devils attempt to block my blessings. But damn where do they find these people? Even worst, how they hell did they get a little bit of authority??


Anonymous said...

hi.. just dropping by here... have a nice day!

GemisMyName said...

Today after much introspection, prayer and careful examination of the situation, I decided to talk to my boss about his micromanaging, distrustful attitude towards me. I explained to him that it's making me feel stifled and it's creating a counter productive work environment. I also reminded him of my proven track record of being able to manage multi-million dollar projects with minimal supervision. It went well; he seemed amenable to changing and working together more effectively. But then again it's a man I'm dealing with. We’ll see how things go.

I think you should write down the issues and call a meeting with these chicks. It's not fair to you to have to simply live with other people's incompetence and foolishness. I decided I was not doing that anymore and I feel so much better that I got that mess off my chest! Good luck lady. Please pray about this situation and I'll pray for you as well because I feel your pain.

T.C. said...

I definitely agreen with calling a meeting IF you think it will be productive don't call if you think it will back fire on you...its definitely a fine line to walk but your very good at dealing with the corporate game...

Gem i definitley hope that it works out for you and that he really "got" what you were saying and works to better the relationship said...

Hi there!

This is my first visit at your blog...I think!!

I can understand your frustrations...but if you want the work dynamic to change then you may have to be the one to initiate it.

Step one - You can call a meeting and pull out your talking points about how you can add more value to the department. This is your chance to start spelling out EXACTLY what you want to do in the company.

I worked in an office where one sista had a law degree but was functioning as a paralegal. She was bitter. Who is to blame? She took the job. That's number one. She needed a job and she took the paralegal job. She never ONCE met with higher-ups asking for her role to be expanded.

Oh she thought that HER professional growth should be on everyone ELSE'S mind from day to day?

She took a dead-end job and then she did NOTHING to introduce any changes that would expand her role. Shame on her...not shame on them.

I am not saying any of that to imply that this is YOUR scenario because it isn't. I am just saying that taking the initiative to introduce the changes that you want is critical.

What is key is not to call a meeting to say what you dislike...but to call a meeting to share how YOU can be utilized at a different level.

Peace, blessings and DUNAMIS!

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