Sunday, September 27, 2009

A Very Happy Birthday to Me :)

My how the month of September flew by. It’s been a week and a day exactly since my birthday and Mexico trip. There aren’t even words to describe how great turning 30 is. I am still in shock that I am 30 years old (lol), but it’s a great feeling. I feel like a woman now. I feel a new level of wisdom and sophistication, yet there’s so much more to learn and experience. This was indeed the best birthday to date. Playa del Carmen was beautiful and I felt like I was on my honeymoon. My Guy did a great job of showing me how loved I am. This was our first “real” trip together and I can honestly say I could do this with him forever.

I don’t want to give every detail but I will share some highlights. The day of my birthday we had breakfast out by the beach and hung out in the pool. We returned to our room and there was our bed covered with rose peddles. The roses were arranged in the shape of a heart with two swans kissing. In between those two swans was a cute little blue box from Tiffany’s. No, it wasn’t an engagement ring, lol. It was the key to his heart, a part of the Tiffany’s key collection. On the night before (Friday) we had a 3-hour romantic massage for two in our room.

I guess my new womanly feeling is a sense of being in real love. I enjoy living our love story. Even with the few bad things that happen in our lives, together we conquer all.


Eb the Celeb said...

OMG... happy birthday.. and the pics are gorgeous... dog on it i need to hurry up and find me a boo

Smile Star said...

While I adore hearing the love story, what makes me smile even more is the fact that you are so thankful for the experience. It's sometimes difficult to find "the one" but even better when both realize that it is the real thing. Enjoy every minute! :)

ANGELINA said...

happy belated birthday! your guy is so sweet! the setup of the bed is lovely :) enjoy the love!

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