Saturday, August 22, 2009

Things Are Moving...

I’ve got to get back into the habit of updating my blog more often. You get so caught up in just “living” I forget to record what’s going on in my life. I’m in the process of moving. Yet I haven’t packed a thing (I bought boxes, lol). I am set to move out next weekend, I am so excited. My current neighborhood is changing (and not for the better) so its time to move on. Not to mention my neighbors above me (older couple) have the world’s heaviest feet. I swear they kill me with their freaking footsteps. So even more reason to get the hell out. Plus my new place is pretty bad ass.

Things w/ My Guy and I are great. I am truly blessed to have such an awesome man in my life. There have been a few challenges recently I’ve had to endure and he’s been right there by my side. Perhaps when the wound has healed I’ll share what happened. But for now, I am grateful for the support system I have. We’re talking about moving in together some time next year. The only dilemma we have is the area we would live in. He doesn’t want to live in Dallas at all, where I don’t want to live in Frisco (suburb outside of Dallas). I personally live in the city because when you start venturing out you realize you’re in Texas, lol. Also the suburbs are so family-oriented, and nothing’s wrong with that. I just don’t currently live that lifestyle. It’s your typical cookie cutter homes, SUVs, kids, dog, and shopping centers. So needless to say we’re still working on our compromise, lol.

Work is good other than my two managers who continue to challenge my strength. I will say this past workweek ended on a very high note. On Friday, I had a meeting with our company’s COO. Let me back up and explain how this happened. A few weeks ago, we got a mass email about our scheduled conference call discussing our quarterly performance. We found out a few weeks prior we wouldn’t get bonuses this year the second time in a row. I wasn’t upset since I am new to the job and this was already a salary increase for me. So in the memo enclosed in the email Mr. COO welcomed questions, comment, or concerns during the call. But of course no one is going to say anything. So the call was set for a Tuesday at 9:00am, and that morning while showering I decided I would email him a question. I sent my question at 8:30am, lol.

After the executives said their piece, it was then time for questions. He read my question anonymously which was “What nonmonetary alternatives were upper management considering to boast and maintain morale within our organization?” He gave some typical bs answer (I don’t remember, lol). But he did end his response opening the floor for suggestions from anyone. Of course, that was my opportunity to put a face with the email and meet the big guy. So I emailed him back and scheduled a time to meet and discuss my suggestions. Well the meeting was brief but it was very good. Before I asked to meet him, I did some research on his personality and leadership style. Since he’s known as being an overall great guy, I felt comfortable making the bold move.

I did casually mention my meeting with my direct report. You have to cross your Ts and dot your Is. Besides, I don’t need people feeling threaten or like I am trying to do something underhanded. I just simply took advantage of an opportunity. Mr. COO asked where did I see myself going professionally “what’s big picture?” I told him my exact intents. I want to move into Asset Management and I am also open to being a Broker. His eyes lit up and I knew I made an impression. But I already did that before I walked in, just because I took the initiative to speak up when asked. I also created a bio to give to him since he doesn’t really know my background. I didn’t want to give him a resume, so I made an impressive one-page bio with my cute picture, lol. So as long as I don’t let my two insignificant managers side track me, things may turn out as planned.

I need to get ready now for date night. I am actually going with My Guy to his son’s mother’s birthday party. Isn’t that too cool? I love how we all get along, there’s no drama between her and I. I actually like her a lot, and she’s even a friend on my facebook profile. She and I use to hang out while we watched their son play flag football, too cool for words.

Anyway, I promise to post more often…


Anonymous said...

I sometimes get into trouble not updating regularly as well, but I am trying to break the habit with this new blog (pray for me, lol)! It's good you have such a good relationship with your guy's ex. My guy doesn't have an ex, but we are having Mommy issues and possible commitment phobia. That is so for a blog entry though, lol. Be blessed and congratulations on the inspiring job news.

chele said...

I thought you were about to say that you were moving in with your guy! Good luck with your move and I can see why you want to take your time with the cohabitation. Sounds like you really have a handle on your career goals!

Anonymous said...

Well done with meeting the COO and helping to put a name with the face. You have no idea how little moves like that will pay off in the long run.

Also, great move on mentioning the meeting with your manger.

Isn't it annoying navigating the corporate sea?

T.C. said...

glad to know you are doing well! making moves as always! I am also diggin the fact that you all get along so well that's what being mature adults is all about! blending why not I really HOPE i have the same experience with his daughter's mother but i don't think it will be as smooth we shall see! said...

Hi there!

The bio was a great idea! The meeting was also a great idea!

Peace, blessings and DUNAMIS!

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