Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Quick Catch Up....

Its coming down to the wire, our commencement ceremony is May 16th. I will participate in the ceremony but I still have to take one class in order to receive my degree. I am torn between my feelings of being close to finishing. There’s a part of me that wants to stay in the world of academia and then there’s a part of me ready to see how high I can fly. But the state of the economy lingers in the back of my mind a little. Once I am done, I’ll be the first African American woman to receive a Masters of Science in Entrepreneurship from my school. I think that’s pretty cool.

This past weekend I participated in a business leadership challenge retreat, which was two days. We stayed at a local hotel and had intense 8-hour days full of getting to know what type of leader you are or can become. Part of the prep work was having observers take a 360 assessment of you. I was a little surprise by my findings. It appears I rated myself lower than my observers. I’m not sure if while taking the assessment I subconsciously tried to not appear too cocky? But at any rate it was a great weekend filled with a lot of self-discovery.

Job Search:
I recently went on a job interview (last week). This company called me out of the blue and I immediately jumped on the chance to interview. This opportunity couldn’t have come at a better time. I am starting to get a little restless in my search for another job. My biggest fear is taking a job that is not something I want to do. But this interview is exactly in my field and the company is big and there are plenty of chances to advance within. I was asked after my interview (last Friday) to take a personality assessment test online. I completed the test on Sunday morning, and now I am a sitting duck. I so want this job and the thought of not having any control at this point kills me.

My Guy:
We’re in such a good place. I swear I am still amazed at having such a loving boyfriend. Its almost surreal having in my life. I don’t know where I would be without having him by side. He’s so excited about my graduation and meeting my family for the first time, so am I. My mother and younger brother will be out here next month for the ceremony and I am looking forward to seeing them and having them meet My Guy.


Ms. Liryc said...

claim that job. Say its yours and it will be.. Very happy for you and your impending graduation!! Its a big step and having that title of first woman with a degree in Entrepreneurship is awesome..

Your family is going to LOVE your guy! As long as he does things for you and takes care of you, they'll love him

T.C. said...

definitely sounds like life is going well...GOOD FOR YOU! you deserve it and deserve it all...take your time it will all fall into place!

like ms. liryc said CLAIM IT CLAIM IT ALL

chele said...

I'm happy that everything is going so well for you. Keep it up!

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