Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Still On A High From A Great Weekend...

I can’t believe the week is at the halfway point. I am still on my high from having a great weekend. My Guy and I hit another milestone, we spent the entire weekend together. So we’re talking almost 72 hours of him and I. On Friday afternoon he informed me of having a “free pass weekend” meaning his son wanted to do his own thing with his friend instead hanging out with dad. So I met him at his house that evening, we didn’t really have any plans in place since things seem to just unfold as we went along. His friend and girlfriend were going to the movies that night and invited us to tag-along.

By the time his friend’s girlfriend reached My Guy’s house he decided we should drive to Okalahoma and visit the Winstar casino. It was so out of the blue; the idea seemed cool as hell so off we went. We had a great time lost some money but I love how spontaneous the trip was. On Saturday we all hung out again and I decided to go out and buy Easter egg dye and make baskets for our guys. Sunday was another good day together. I mentioned before for whatever reason I want to celebrate everything with My Guy. The weekend went very well and I can honestly say I never once felt tired of him or vice versa. However, I did appreciate my time back home on Monday. I won’t say I am ready to move in at this point, but its good to know we can spend a few days together and not want to kill the other after 24 hours.

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T.C. said...

always a good point when you can spend that much time and still be HAPPY at the end of it!

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