Friday, February 06, 2009

What's New??

Job Search:

It’s going, I guess it could be better if I put in more effort. But in all honesty, I am not motivated at all. With the constant lay-offs occurring, I wonder who still believes in job security? And for those of you who are working, are you sure you’ll have a job by the end of year? I’ve applied to like four jobs in the past month. I had one interview that went well and I am just waiting to see if that materializes into something.

I’m not stressing over my employment situation, after all what would be the point? A little more than half a million jobs were lost in January alone, and its only freaking February, wtf? In the meantime, my job is to be the best student and get my hustle on.
So we’ll see what the days ahead have in store.

Love Life:

The most meaningful aspect of my life is My Guy. I would marry him now, if he asked. I never realized how deprived I was of having someone who truly loves me. It’s a scary yet overwhelming feeling. Who would have thought there was someone on waiting to love me? For once in my life I feel complete, I feel like there is someone who truly loves me. Although I thought I’ve been in love a few times before, it doesn’t come close to the feelings I have now.

I am so looking forward to this Valentine’s Day, not for any superficial reasons, but this is my first V-day where I really understand the meaning of the occasion. I feel the love everyday from this man and it’s a beautiful thing. It’s been about 8 months now and it feels like a lifetime (in a good way). Its funny but I look forward to spending every holiday, occasion, and event with him. I told him we’re even celebrating Easter (colored eggs and all). It’s the first time I’ve done this with a guy, and for some reason I feel a need to celebrate every precious moment with him. More importantly it’s about creating memories with the person you love.

He’s very supportive of me while I undergo the job situation, and I don’t mean paying my bills. But I guess he’s the reason why I feel like everything will be okay. I sometimes spend the night over his house during the week and I love sleeping in his bed while he gets ready for work. Its almost like we’re playing house and I get to satisfy that fantasy of being a house wife. No offense but that’s about as close as I’ll get, my goal isn’t to be home all day. But I love the way he smells in the morning, his clothes, and the way he kisses me goodbye in the morning. Yes, I’ve got the bug pretty bad, lol.


Blu Jewel said...

Hey missed who "Steve" is, so go back and read my Tuesday post and then you won't be so "mad"!

That aside, you sound like you're in a good place in spite of being unemployed, which is a good thing. I'm so happy that you're still with Your Guy and what you're going through "house wife" is really cute.

Love to live; live to love!

Her Side said...

I love this post. I'm a sucker for a good love story.

I wonder if your Easter egg memories will include somebody who has blue and orange-colored finger tips for a whole week.

j.a.c. said...

I feel the exact same way about my job search. I should probably categorized as a lazy slacker right now considering that my other friends are applying to 15 jobs a day, but I don't really care. 3 in one week is good for me. Besides, I'm really picky about where I work. It'll all happen when it's supposed to happen.

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