Tuesday, January 27, 2009

United We Stand??

A week ago today the world watched America make history by choosing an African American to lead our country. It was a moment in time that I will never forget. In fact, I am still on an emotional high. But I find the vibe in the air here in Dallas (Bush Land) to be a little shady. It’s almost like the big ass pink elephant in the room, which everyone pretends to not notice. I understand I live in Bush state, but how can you not acknowledge what has just happened? I am not saying the entire state is in denial, but I notice others (white people) have “hate” in their eyes. What I mean by hate is “salty”. Get over the fact that old ass McCain didn’t win. I particularly notice this at my school.

While I understand I attend one of the most right-winged, conservative, and republican institutions in the south; but damn can we get over ourselves and take the lost a little better. I was happy to hear one of my professors (who’s Jewish) acknowledge the occasion, but he started with a disclaimer (after all you don’t want to “offend” people). He only spoke on the subject for a minutes, especially since the students in the room (mainly white) didn’t looked phased by his words of inspiration. But if we can’t have uncomfortable conversations at school, then where should they be done? I thought this was a place for higher learning? I refuse to hold my head down or ignore the significance of what has taken place. I’m not suggesting walking around 24/7 in Obama gear, and rubbing the fact in people faces. But I am very proud of my country and our efforts to see no race and chose the right president for all.

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T.C. said...

there are definitely a lot of bitter people who are not excited about the new president at all...but that's the way of the world and the only thing we can do is continue to press forward try to talk about it and understand that change is indeed happening right now

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