Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Watching the Debate

I am sure most of us are glued to our TVs to watch this debate. I am hoping tomorrow I have more confidence in my chosen candidate. I am happily voting for Obama, but I am hoping they both discuss how they are going to get America back on track. I don’t give a damn about who hung out with whom ten plus years ago. All I want to know is what are you going to do to help our economy. The American people want answers and less bullshit slander.

To illustrate how fucked up our social economics are here’s an article I ran across today.

Executives at bailed-out AIG stayed at $500 a night Californian resort
A week earlier the Federal Reserve had to extend a huge credit line to AIG to keep the troubled firm from collapsing

The world's largest insurance company, AIG, spent $440,000 (£250,000) on a lavish corporate retreat at one of California's top beachside resorts just a week after accepting an $85bn emergency loan from the US government to stave off bankruptcy.
Details of the getaway emerged at a congressional hearing today where lawmakers expressed outrage at AIG executives "wining and dining" at the height of a financial crisis.
An invoice from the St Regis resort in Monarch Beach, south of Los Angeles, shows that AIG spent $139,375 on rooms, $147,301 on "banquets", $23,380 on spa treatments and $6,939 on golf at an eight-day company event which began on September 22.



Hawa Bond said...

My beautiful retired mother has part of her retirement in AIG. She spent so much time worrying about the possible outcome. I haven't talked to her since I saw news of the executive retreat on TV today, but I'll call her tonight.

I call B.frickin.S. on this crap. Is that the proper way, or even appearance, for spending taxpayer bailout dollars? Makes. Me. Sick.

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PreciousGem-Refinement in Progress said...

I read about this and just shook my head. It's like they have no REMORSE!! Pigs

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