Sunday, October 05, 2008

Turning Pages...

The past week evoked a lot of emotions for me. In the beginning of the week I was a little down about my financial situation and realized my current career happens to been in the low paying scale of the industry. My real estate club had a forum for its members on last Thursday evening (moderated by yours truly) featuring a couple of industry panelists discussing the future of commercial real estate. We thought this was very important for the obvious reasons, but it was during this conversation I had an epiphany. Someone asked about the job market and what could we do to be more marketable within the industry, and one of the speakers who is also a professor at our school gave excellent advice on ways in which we should improve our technical skills. He motioned the skills he expects and looks for when interviewing applicants particularly MBA students.

It was after this discussion I made the decision to take a few real estate courses offer through my department to develop my analytical skills, this same speaker also offered to be my mentor. I felt privileged to be in an environment where someone is finally giving up some useful tips/information.

Love life:

I spent this past weekend with My Guy. Usually he has his son from Friday to Sunday morning, but this weekend he had a free pass and wanted to spend it with me. Friday night after worked I packed my little weekend bag and headed to his place. As I was in route he sent me a text to meet him at this bar that’s near his house to join him and his friends. In fact, his text read: ‘I want to show you off”. I met his friends who were really cool, they took off about an hour later and we headed to his house.

He cooked dinner while we talked and watched TV; it felt so natural and routine for us to be spending this time together. It was after dinner when we were laying out on his sofa when he asked: “where do I stand on this relationship?”. At first I didn’t understand what exactly he wanted to know. After he explained that he simply wanted to know my feelings about us, looking back I see it was his way of starting a conversation about his feelings and really letting me know where I stood.

Without going word for word, I learned that he wants to start integrating me into his world by introducing me to special people in life; hence meeting a few of his friends that evening (which was unexpected on my end). He explained that he doesn’t want me to feel like he’s keeping me a secret. The truth of the matter is I had to realize myself that we’ve been together a little over 3 months now, and I wanted him to introduce me to people when he felt he was ready. I never pestered him nor felt like he was keeping me in the dark. He also mentioned he has falling in love with me and said those magical three letter words. The funny thing is I’ve dreamt even fantasized about having that conversation with him and it was actually taking place. He was the one who thought we where at a point in our relationship where we’re turning pages and starting a new chapter.

For the first time I feel like I am in a real and meaningful relationship, which is why I respected not rushing into the I love you. But once we said those words to each other it felt so good. Needless to say I enjoyed this weekend very much.


T.C. said...


Being patient and letting things fall into place worked for the best...and i am totally happy that you are in a happy, healthy, meaningful relationship...

i am also happy to hear that you now have a mentor that will really make a difference in your building your career...go head gurl making them moves!

DiamondsR4eva said...

YAY I'm happy for you and I hope your guy continues to make you happy and smile and write positive posts like this.

I'm also glad you got a mentor and some great career advice, I hope it leads you on the road to a high satisfying career path :-)

Hawa Bond said...

Wow. It looks like we both had great weekends with our sweethearts. :-)

Your weekend was great news all around. A mentor. Clarity on the career path. And a man who adores you! That is truly a fabulous weekend.

I nominate you for a Certified Honest Blogger award. I'll put the info in a comment below this one.

Thanks for sharing with us, BTW!

Hawa, author of
Fackin Truth Blog (Personal Blog)
Cleanse Master Remix (Health Blog)

Hawa Bond said...

I nominated you and six others for the Certified Honest Blogger Award. I happen to enjoy the honesty with which you share the ups and downs of being an independent woman and balancing education + career + relationships.

If you’re not into the “tagging other bloggers” stuff, you can let this one ride. LOL If you are, read my post, see your nomination, and grab the rules here.

TwentyTwo said...

Your story is helping me in my relationship! :) Continued love and joy for both you and your guy.

PreciousGem-Refinement in Progress said...

I'm loving the progress for you personally and professionally. Your love life is blossoming and it's beautiful to witness. Thanks for sharing.

j.a.c. said...

congrats lady! i can tell by the way you wrote it (in summary fashion) that this means a lot to you and you kinda want to keep it intimate between you and your guy. I wish you two all the best.

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